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Marquette Women's Soccer Draws With UWM To Close Non-Conference Play

Eh, I'll take it.

Erin Holland's second on the team in points this season, and she missed the first two games.
Erin Holland's second on the team in points this season, and she missed the first two games.

Erin Holland chipped a ball past UWM's Paige Lincicum 90 seconds after UWM had taken a 1-0 lead, and Marquette held on to take a draw with the Panthers in the final non-conference match of the season.

If you had told me before the game that one of the keepers involved in this match would hilariously misplay a half-assed flip of a shot that resulted in wasting the lead that their team had just posted, I would have told you that it was going to be freshman Sloane Carlson, who made her first collegiate start in this match.  No offense, Sloane, if you're reading this, but the mistake that Lincicum made on the ball that Holland scooted through the air towards her screams "INEXPERIENCED FRESHMAN MISTAKE," so good on you for not allowing that goal.

I mean, look at this screen cap from UWM's highlight package.  That's the full extent of Holland's leg, and that blur right in front of her is the ball.

Holland Goal Screencap


I mean, yeah, it took a hilarious bounce over Lincicum's head after she waves for her defenders to relax, but it's still an absurd goal.  I feel it's important to mention that Lincicum is a junior that's started every match for UWM since she finished her redshirt first year on campus, while Carlson was literally in her second appearance in as many games.

Speaking of Carlson, she finished with two saves on the night, one in each half, and had one ball cleared off the line by her teammates.  I can't even fault her for the goal that she let in, as Callie O'Donnell was able to flip the field and bolt down the right side ahead of the defense.  It was a good shot, and Carlson cut off the angle as best she could with a defense that kind of left her out to dry on that one.

Let's embed that highlight package from UWM real quick like...

Marquette finishes the non-conference schedule with a record of 3-4-3, which is, of course, not great.  Whether that's better than last year's 4-5-1, that's up to you to decide.

Up Next: It's time for for the start of Big East play, as Marquette will host Creighton on Sunday.  The Bluejays are 8-3-0 on the season, and seem to be largely improved from the team that Marquette cracked in the face to the tune of 7-2 a year ago.  Amanda Engel will be eligible to return to the lineup, and I would presume that she'll be back in net for Sunday's game.