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Marquette Football Makes A Big Impact On College Gameday

It started as a one off joke, and then, with an offer of financial support, one man's dream became a reality.

Best Gameday sign ever? Best Gameday sign ever.
Best Gameday sign ever? Best Gameday sign ever.

We've long talked about how Marquette Football is undefeated since 1960 (and staying that way) around these parts.  That led to an idea by Joe McCann, one half of the Scrambled Eggs Marquette basketball podcast.

As it turns out, both Paint Touches and I can't resist egging on a perfectly physically safe joke, so we offered our support to Joe's idea.  That spurred things onwards...

And then bright and early this morning...

Aaaaaaand, we're in business. Joe got there early enough that he was able to score some prime real estate, and that led to this:

God bless you, Joe.  You've made us all very proud.  Let me know how much I owe you for the tag board.