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The Inquisition: On All Things Georgetown With Casual Hoya

Guess who's back... back again.... Casual Hoya's back... tell a friend....

We resume our usual interrogations of opponents with a refresh with our old friends at Casual Hoya in advance of Saturday's game between YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles and THEIR Georgetown Hoyas..  You can click here to see our answers to their questions.

Our questions are in bold, CH's answers are in.... not.... bold.

What's it like to win a Big East opener? I'm asking for a friend of mine, a youngish-looking man from the Baltimore area.

I'd be lying if I told you it didn't feel great to be UNDEFEATED and in FIRST PLACE in the Big East, so I'm not going to lie to you. It feels great, man. Like really really really great, especially after the fiesta de crap in the non-conference schedule.

Alright, let's get to the nastier bits of business: Which loss annoyed you more, Radford or UNC-Asheville?

The UNC-Asheville loss was way more annoying. Losing to Radford was all sorts of horrible, but it was the first game of the season and in double overtime. Losing to UNC-Asheville (especially after the ass-whooping at the hands of Monmouth) was inexcusable, and really set off alarms among the fanbase that this team, while extremely talented, truly might be terrible. Frankly I'm not sure the wins over Charlotte and DePaul have done much to change that perception, but wins are wins and we soldier on.

My perception is that JT3 is bulletproof at Georgetown. What kind of scandal, exactly, would it take for them to let him go?

Indeed. While some fans (a very vocal minority) clamor for his ouster, the reality is that JT3 isn't going anywhere and he will never be fired. At some point down the road he will leave Georgetown, but it will be on his terms. As far as what kind of scandal would have to occur to change that, my guess it would have to fall somewhere between the Thompson family skimming funds from the fundraising efforts for the new Thompson Center set to open next fall and JT3 scheming with Eli Pope to bring back B6-13 and take down that whiny Olivia Pope for good. Did you know that Olivia Pope went to Georgetown Law, by the way? Well now you do.

Happy or bummed that Boeheim was suspended for the Syracuse game? Was the win less sweet without getting to see him picking his nose angrily?

Any win over Syracuse makes me #excitedinmypants, but the recent one was a tad empty without Boeheim trolling the Syracuse sideline. For better or worse (mostly worse) Boeheim is a symbol of the Georgetown-Syracuse rivalry and beating the Orange with him calling the plays is a lot different than beating the Orange with his freshly appointed robot doing same.

Can we get you guys to pack up the extras of whatever serum you're jamming into Bradley Hayes and send it over to us to use on Matt Heldt in the future? I'll give you a 12 pack of Spotted Cow for it.

I'm trying to cut down on my beer intake due to the carbs, but I'll ship you some of that Bradley Hayes mojo for a nice bottle of Tito's vodka which I've been guzzling lately like nobody's business (on the rocks with a splash of soda and lime, thanks). I assume you brought up Hayes since you wanted me to opine on him, so here goes. What he's done offensively so far has been magical and no one expected even half of his current production and quality minutes. He's a national Most Improved Player Award candidate and rightfully so. However, on the defensive end he needs a ton of work and is one of the reasons Georgetown's defense has been sieve-like this season. This is also a fine time for me to admit that I have no idea who Matt Heldt is.

I remember seeing earlier this season on Twitter that you thought that GU should at least consider no longer playing buy games at the Verizon Center. I cede the floor to you to make your case.

Have I not had the floor this entire time? You haven't ceded a damn thing. But back to the issue at hand, yes I do think that Georgetown should start playing some (at least a couple per season) of these buy games that draw less than 5K into the cavernous Verizon center in our pretty little practice gym on campus that seats around 3K which would be a way more fun environment for all involved. Having our games at Verizon is good for a lot of things (recruiting, easier to get to for most fans that live in DC, surprisingly good beer selection, etc.) but it really stinks for the players and the fans that do show up. I received a number of emails, texts, etc from fans after the loss to UNC-Asheville suggesting that they weren't going to renew their season tickets because going to see a team give that sort of effort in a sterile atmosphere at Verizon simply just isn't worth it anymore, and my guess is that's probably the opposite of the reaction the Athletics Department wants from its fans who come to the games and support the program.

You see Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Thumbs in the middle? I liked it, with some mild reservations about the plot structure.

All of my appendages are in the air! Loved it! I'm not a Star Wars guy (didn't bother with the most recent three films), but this one was lots of fun, laced with nostalgia and made me feel young again but also really old. I got oddly emotional when I saw R2D2 on screen and it brought me back to the glory days when I was a kid watching the young stars of the original films on screen, and to see this next generation of Galaxy folk grab their torches (or lightsabers, as it were) was quite casual. Also really dig the new evil Darth Vader type character, and I think I may actually root for him moving forward.

Y'all are going to drum us something fierce on Saturday, aren't you? Go ahead, make a prediction.

You will lose and it will be delightfully painful. Hoyas 76 - Golden Butts 63. See you in March and may the force be with you.