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Marquette Basketball Needs Your Help Picking Out Shoes For National Marquette Day

Being a Jordan Brand school is fun.

Does The Eagle get to wear the new Jordans?
Does The Eagle get to wear the new Jordans?
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

When you're a Jordan Brand school like Marquette, there are certain perks.  Amongst those perks are the wizards at Jordan Brand cooking up a bunch of different shoe options for Marquette to wear on Saturday, February 27th.  That's National Marquette Day this year, and Marquette is letting the Twitterverse pick the shoes they wear for the game against Villanova that will be televised on big bad broadcast Fox.

Whichever tweet gets the most retweets will be the official shoe choice for National Marquette Day.  Here's the options:

Warm up your retweeting finger, make your vote, and then tell your friends so your pick ends up as the winner.