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Marquette Men’s Basketball Confirms New Uniforms For 2016-17

I mean, we all guessed that this was happening, right?

NCAA Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament-Marquette vs St. John's
How much of the old uniforms will be retained in the new uniforms?
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday afternoon, Marquette confirmed a widely held belief amongst the fans of the men’s basketball program: There will be brand new uniforms for the 2016-17 season.

There’s a couple of reasons why this was a no-brainer for the athletic department. First, 2016-17 is the 100th season of Marquette basketball. Of course you want to have a fresh look for an anniversary year. Second, MU debuted the current look in the 2007-08 season , followed by a minor refresh to the look in 2011-12. That’s been long enough with one particular set of uniforms where everyone can feel comfortable with a refresh.

The question becomes thus: What exactly are we going to see with the new unis? Well, the @muathletics Twitter made a bit of a tease on that.

Let’s see if we can make that picture a teensy bit bigger.

If you zoom in on that bad boy (I looked at the tweet on my phone to see this), you can kind of get an impression of what the shoulder straps on the jersey look like. It instantly reminded me of something I saw on Friday night.

Those are the new Michigan uniforms, freshly designed by Jordan Brand for the Wolverines who are in the first year of a new contract with them. Do you see what I’m talking about with the shoulders? Kind of thin, kind of tight in to the neck? Here’s a better look at them.

And you can get a look at them in this video from Michigan, too:

One last thing, and this is just a guess from me, and I’m willing to be wrong. Go back up to that teaser picture in the Kasten Gym. I know there’s not a lot of light in that picture, but there’s a little bit. Is it just me or is that jersey a light shade of blue?