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Marquette Men’s Basketball Debuts New White Uniforms At Media Day

The teaser didn't make me excited, but the whole look does.

Marquette men's basketball
Marquette men’s basketball head coach Steve Wojciechowski meets with the media.

The Big East already hosted Media Day for the entire league a little over a week ago, so on Wednesday, it was Marquette’s turn to host media day for all of the local outlets that didn't travel to New York City for the conference get-together.

The highlight of the day was Marquette debuting the second of the five uniforms that they will wear during the 2016-17 season, which is the 100th year of MU hoops.

We’ve now seen the navy blue version and the white version of the centennial celebration uniforms. Eventually we’ll get the gold and championship blue editions, plus there is the mysterious Nike N7 uniform that they will wear vs Western Carolina.

I have to admit that as much as I liked the navy kits instantly, I didn't like the white ones in the preview tweet. I also realized that I wasn't seeing them in use like I did with the navy ones, so I waited until pictures from the media sessions made their way out for public view.

Marquette men's basketball

Yep, still great.

Being media day and all, head coach Steve Wojciechowski had a press conference, and you can watch the entire thing (nearly 30 minutes!) at your leisure.