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Marquette Spirit Shop Debuts Replica Championship Blue Men’s Basketball Uniforms

And now we’ve seen at least a version of all four regular centennial uniforms.

You can actually own these.

Marquette debuted the navy blue version of the centennial season uniforms at Marquette Madness. The white edition popped up at Media Day for all the local outlets. At the season ticket holder practice, head coach Steve Wojciechowski showed off a custom version of the gold jersey with his own name on it.

On Monday, the official Marquette Spirit Shop announced that replicas of the championship blue jerseys and shorts are now on sale via this tweet:

Those are some nice looking replicas! The jersey will set you back $75, while the shorts will get you for just $60.

It is important to point out that these are replica jerseys. As far as I can tell, these do not feature the faint bumblebee striping that was clearly visible on both the navy blue and the white jerseys. We still haven’t seen the official version, and we haven’t seen the gold version in use on the actual players yet.

There’s also the mysterious Nike N7 uniform yet to debut. In the past, the N7 kits have been bright turquoise versions of the regular uniforms. If the championship blue unis are going to match the color on the replicas, then I don’t know if turquoise versions are really that interesting in comparison. We’ll have to wait and see.

You’ve got an idea of the look of all four regular uniforms that celebrate Marquette’s 100th season of basketball. Which one is your favorite?