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Marquette Men’s Basketball Shared Some Pictures Of All Of The New Uniforms

Lookin’ pretty sweet, guys.

Marquette men's basketball
Duane Wilson shows off the new white home uniform.

Marquette has slowly been leaking out the look of all of the new centennial celebration uniforms for men’s basketball ever since Marquette Madness served as the debut for the overall style.

At Madness, we saw the navy blue. Media Day brought the white look out. Head coach Steve Wojciechowski teased the gold at the season ticket holder practice, and the Spirit Shop showed us what the championship blue replicas that you can buy look like.

Now, because they’ve all finally arrived at the Al McGuire Center, the team took some pictures in all of the uniforms.

Marquette players got their first chance to try on all of our colors for this season. Which is your favorite?

Posted by Marquette Men's Basketball on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Those are some pretty sweet looking outfits, guys.

Because it’s important to notice these things, let’s take a closer look at the championship blue and the gold.

As expected, the official championship blue jerseys don’t look exactly like the replicas that are for sale. The thin bumblebee lines are present here, as are the overall Nike/Jordan Brand aesthetic when it comes to making the uniforms breathable for the players. Still, though, pretty awesome.

You have to zoom in to see it, but the bumblebee stripes are absolutely there on the gold uniforms. However, this is the uniform where they are the hardest to see, probably because making gold lighter just fades the lighter color out more. If you’re not a fan of the faint striping, then this is probably going to be your favorite out of the four.

For the record, I do enjoy the “Hey, we just took these out of the shipping box, go put it on real quick for some pictures” look of Jajuan Johnson’s shorts. You have to appreciate the “HURRY, SHOW THE PEOPLE HOW GREAT THIS IS” aspect of what Marquette’s doing here.

By the way, if you love these uniforms and understand the 100th year of the program significance to their overall look, I highly encourage you to go read the comments on the Facebook post with the photo gallery. Non-stop complaining about how old timey they look and how tight they are (like they haven’t been tight for the past half-decade) then a “EAT IT, HATERZZZZZZZZZ” comment from the team account.

With all four regular use uniforms out in the public eye now, all we’re waiting to see is what Marquette will be doing for the Nike N7 uniforms on November 30th against Western Carolina.