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Marquette Volleyball Drops Out Of The AVCA Polling

I don’t mean out of the top 25, I mean out of “receiving votes.”

Marquette women's volleyball
Lauren Houg and Manon Geoffroy are going to help Marquette dig their way back into the top 25. Get it? Dig?

After going 1-1 in the opening week of the Big East schedule, Marquette was barely clinging to life in the AVCA top 25 voting. This week, that flicker of national recognition was snuffed out, as MU received no votes after losing to Villanova on Saturday night.

That’s not particularly surprising, of course. It does mean that the Golden Eagles are going to have to string together a significant stretch of wins before the voters take them seriously as a contender again.

There is good news on the Marquette opponent front, though. Kentucky is back in the top 25, tying for the final spot with their in-state rivals, Western Kentucky. The Wildcats have not lost since Marquette defeated them back on September 9th, which is good enough for a winning streak of eight matches. They picked up wins over then-#5 Florida and South Carolina this past week to jump back into the poll.

USC remains in the poll at #22. That’s up one spot from a week ago, thanks to wins over Colorado and Utah, who were ranked #22 and #25 respectively at the time of the match. Marquette defeated the Trojans in the first match of the season for both squads.

Creighton is the only Big East team getting votes this week. The Bluejays picked up 17 points in the balloting to be unofficially ranked #29 in the country.

Marquette returns to action on Wednesday afternoon, when they host Xavier at noon as a part of MU’s Homecoming Week.

You can check out the full top 25 right here.