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We Need To Talk About The New Marquette Men’s Basketball Uniform Teaser Video

Guys.... if they’ve done what I think I think they’ve done with the uniforms.....

NCAA Basketball: Villanova at Marquette
I wonder if The Eagles is going to get a new look, too?
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Did you guys see the Marquette Madness teaser video that @MarquetteMBB posted yesterday? It’s not really about the Madness event so much as it is about the new uniforms that will debut at Madness. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet:

I think...... I think I think I think........ there’s a couple of nifty clues in there.

This is total conjecture and guessing here, so feel free to climb in my mentions on Friday night when I’m horribly wrong, but let’s freeze frame on two things.

Look at the tiny dots above the word Marquette. Now look at the tiny dots on the new Jordan Brand Michigan jerseys.

On Michigan’s jersey, the tiny dots are holes, presumably for breathability, and they’re also right along/behind the Michigan wordmark. Then, down towards the bottom of the numbers, the holes stop.

Again, guessing here, but that looks an awful lot like the Marquette wordmark is going to be BELOW the numbers, which I feel like we’ve seen somewhere before.

Ok, next freeze frame.

On the old uniforms, that Marquette monogram appeared in one place: the bottom of the legs of the shorts.

But, as you can see on that picture from last season’s road win over Providence in that link, it had a plain background. This has horizontal stripes behind it, which again, I think we’ve seen somewhere before.

This is a total guess, but: If someone came up with the idea of paying tribute to the now-banned bumblebee uniforms by PUTTING THE STRIPES ON THE SHORTS, that person immediately deserves a gigantic raise and possibly a statue on campus.

Marquette Madness is tomorrow night. We’ll have to wait and see if this all comes together. But I can tell you this much: Duane Wilson’s a big fan already.