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Marquette Basketball Revealed The Nike N7 Uniforms

Or Nike did, I guess. Whatever floats your boat.

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The biggest news for the 2016-17 Marquette Golden Eagles is their brand new uniforms from Jordan Brand. There’s 100 years of MU hoops history tied into the design of the unis, and it comes in the four colors you’d expect: white, navy blue, gold, and championship blue.

Now, thanks to Nike’s N7 endeavor, it also comes in turquoise for Marquette’s home game against Western Carolina on November 30th.

Let’s go ahead and snag that picture out of the tweet so you can see it better....

As you can see here, it’s exactly the same uniform that Marquette is wearing for their centennial season, except it’s turquoise with what appears to be navy blue letters, numbers, and side stripes. Nike’s N7 program is representative of the company’s “long-time commitment and mission to inspire and enable two million Native American and Aboriginal youth in North America to participate in sport and physical activity.” The reason for turquoise, according to the Nike press release, is because it “represents harmony, friendship and fellowship in Native American culture.”

In addition to the turquoise unis against Western Carolina, Marquette will also be wearing the N7 Jordan 31s.

While there will be eight men’s teams and four women’s teams wearing N7 uniforms this season, Marquette will be the only squad with the N7 Jordans. Everyone else has the opportunity to wear the N7 2016 Hyperdunk shoes, and I’d have to say, I prefer the Jordans.