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Marquette Women’s Basketball Is No Longer Receiving AP Top 25 Votes

And that is a bunch of tree-hugging hippie crap.

Carolyn Kieger
I’d shout about this poll disrespect, too.

Two weeks ago, Marquette beat a ranked Oregon State team and lost to Santa Clara in the same week, but increased their points in the Associated Press top 25 balloting.

Last week, Marquette beat Western Illinois fairly easily, but their points in the AP balloting went downwards. Presumably, the voters suddenly realized that they had also lost to Santa Clara the week before and finally got around to dinging them for the loss.

This week, Marquette went 1-1 with a loss to a UW-Green Bay team that, like MU, was receiving votes in last week’s poll and a win on the road against Wisconsin. However, the Golden Eagles are not getting any votes at all in this week’s AP poll.

I want to make this perfectly clear: I completely agree with the voters leaving out the Golden Eagles. If you can’t win a home game against a team that’s receiving votes, then you probably don’t deserve any votes yourself.


15 - FIFTEEN - voters included both Arizona State and Oregon State on their AP ballot. As you might remember, Marquette beat the Sun Devils in the McGuire Center earlier this year, and, of course, as mentioned above, the Golden Eagles downed the Beavers in Corvallis as well. And yet somehow, Tony Adame, Patricia Babcock, Joe Broccato, Rick Cantu, Mike Carmin, Richard Deitsch, Rebecca Lobo, Jeff Metcalfe, Adam Minchino, Gina Mizell, Scott Nulph, Scott Richey, Lindsay Schnell, Michele Smith, and Joe Vozzelli all think that Marquette does not deserve votes even though the Golden Eagles have wins over TWO teams that do deserve votes.

C’mon, man. What are we doing out there, man?

I’m particularly surprised by the snub from Lobo. You’d think that she’d have a little respect for the Golden Eagles, considering the man that lives in her house that she’s related to by marriage.

Oregon State is one spot outside the top 25 this week, while Arizona State is currently ranked #23 in the country. The Sun Devils did beat then-#15 Kentucky on Sunday in Lexington, so it’s hard to begrudge them their spot in the rankings.

In other Marquette opponent news, DePaul is ranked #17 in the country this week. That’s one spot down from last week after the Blue Demons took a 14 point loss on the road against current #2 team Notre Dame.

You can check out the entire top 25 right here, along with how each voter filled out their ballot.