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Marquette Women’s Basketball Is Getting Top 25 Votes Again

Well, okay, ONE vote.

Erika Davenport
Erika Davenport leads the Big East in rebounding.

After dropping off the Associated Press’ radar two weeks ago, YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles are back in the receiving votes category this week.

Saying that Marquette is receiving votes, as in plural, is a bit of a strong statement, however. They have two points in this week’s poll, both of which came from a 24th place vote from Dan Fleser of the Knoxville News Sentinel. I’m not exactly sure what about Marquette’s win over New Mexico got Fleser fired up enough to put the Golden Eagles into the poll after leaving them out last week, but hey, I’m not going to argue. Fleser has Arizona State at #15 and Oregon State at #25, and since Marquette has wins over both of those teams, that does kind of explain his thinking.

Fleser does not have DePaul ranked, which means he thinks Marquette is the best team in the Big East. A majority of the voters disagree with Fleser, however, as the Blue Demons are sitting one spot outside the top 25 with 60 points, trailing #25 Syracuse by 16 points. Arizona State checks in at #18 in the poll, up three spots from last week and thinking they’re all fancy like they didn’t lose in the McGuire Center. Oregon State is at #22, which is also up three spots from last week. REMINDER: They lost at home to Marquette.

Green Bay got one 25th place vote after bouncing back from their loss to Wisconsin with a 61-34 victory at home over Butler. Another Marquette foe got one 25th place vote, and this one is particularly relevant this week. Georgetown got a vote from Ryan Dunleavy of the Home News Tribune in Somerset, NJ, which is kind of funny. You see, the Hoyas haven’t played a game since December 11th. Sure, they’re 8-2, but this is the third AP Poll since then and only now does Dunleavy have the Hoyas in the top 25. He also doesn’t have DePaul ranked, and, obviously, he doesn’t have Marquette ranked, either. There is a very serious possibility that the Hoyas will be 0-2 this week against two teams that Dunleavy opted to not rank, as DePaul opens league play in D.C. against Georgetown on Wednesday, and then Marquette comes to town on Friday.

Carolyn Kieger’s squad opens up Big East action on Wednesday morning against Villanova. You can watch locally on Fox Sports Wisconsin, or by streaming on the Big East Digital Network on Fox Sports Go.

You can check out the full top 25 (SPOILER ALERT: UConn is #1) right here.