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The Inquisition: On All Things Georgetown With Casual Hoya

We kick off Big East play by putting our favorite Hoyas blog under the lights.

Inquisition Georgetown

YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles begin Big East play tonight against Georgetown, and thus, we traded a few questions back and forth with our friends at Casual Hoya, SB Nation’s preeminent Georgetown/lunch documentation blog. Swing on over there to catch our answers to their questions, and below, you can find their answers to our questions.


How does it feel to be cheering for a team riding a six game winning streak? Has the winning altered your perception of what the ceiling is for the Hoyas this season?

The 6-game streak is nice, but The Delusion Train is still firmly in the station. If you take away the collapse against Maryland and the loss to Arkansas State, I think everyone in HoyaLand would be doing backflips, but those games plus the no-show against Oklahoma State in Maui are firmly entrenched in our minds as we head into Big East play. The Syracuse win was nice, but the Orange are awful this year. For a ceiling, I’d say something like 13-5 in the Big East and for a floor I’ll say 9-9. If the Hoyas can get 11 wins in Conference play and one or two of those is against Villanova, Creighton or Butler I think the NCAAs are in reach.

Who's doing the heavy lifting for Georgetown this season? Can we plug Rodney Pryor into the D`Vauntes Smith-Rivera-esque role of "going to murder you with big shot after big shot?"

Rodney Pryor is very good at basketball. He and LJ Peak have formed a very difficult to guard pair of wings, with each having the ability to punish from outside and with drives to the hoop. Be afraid of Rodney Pryor and LJ Peak. Be very very afraid. If the Hoyas can get Jessie Govan going like he did in the last non-conference game and be a consistent 3rd contributor, Georgetown is going to be a tough out in Big East play.

What was your favorite part of this year's Christmas weekend?

Other than losing my fantasy football championship by .7 points which essentially came down to the points difference between Drew Brees passing for 299 yards instead of 300? Fabulous!

But yeah, the cookies were great and I enjoyed LA LA LAND very much. Emma Stone was wonderful.

Next question.

We talked last year about the idea of Georgetown playing their less interesting buy games at McDonough Arena. That actually happened earlier this season, and y'all lost to Arkansas State. Still in favor of playing at McDonough?

Absolutely. The Hoyas lost to Arkansas State (which isn’t a terrible team by the way) because Georgetown came out flat and unprepared, had nothing to do with the environment. If anything, I think the atmosphere in there helped the team claw back into that game. I’d like to see Georgetown play a Big East opponent at McDonough, maybe like DePaul or something since attendance at Verizon would be a few hundred anyway.

How big of a blow to the Hoyas roster is losing Isaac Copeland to transfer? He shredded Marquette for 32 points in Milwaukee last season (although Georgetown ended up losing), but that seemed to be more of an aberration for him than the norm.

Sounds worse than it is. Not sure what happened to Copeland after his freshman year, but whatever it was I hope he can shake it and be the player he once was. Put simply, he was terrible at both ends of the court this season, and though his talent and athleticism will be missed, the team hasn’t lost since his departure was announced. His absence also makes things easier for JT3, as now the bench is shorter and the rotations are crisper, so we’ll see what happens.

Rank these breakfast cereals: Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs. Show your work.

Honey Nut Cheerios is #1 for me and since it doesn’t even appear on your list, it has rendered your entire list faulty. However, I’ll play your game because, quite frankly, I have nothing better to do:

1) Frosted Flakes – the king because Tony the Tiger is the tits and you get to kid yourself that you’re eating regular Corn Flakes and reaping its nutritional benefits while enjoying the sweetened goodness. I would bathe in the milk at the bottom of the bowl.

2) Cinnamon Toast Crunch – great to enjoy without milk as well, the cinnamon toast crunch bakers have really cooked up a wonderful delight here. The one downside is that perhaps the cinnamon flavors can be overbearing, but anyone who complains of stuff like that is an asshole.

3) Cocoa Puffs – the only way to properly eat Cocoa Puffs is to make a bowl with milk and let it sit for a few minutes before coming back to hit it. Once those beautiful balls of chocolate have softened and the milk has become a wonderful pool that Augustus Gloop would dive into (Wonka reference), that’s when you attack and enjoy the splendor.

4) Lucky Charms – I gave these to my 3-year old the other day and he did just like we all do – picked out the damn marshmallows and left the cereal to die. The leprechaun gets points here, but the failure of the marshmallows to keep their consistency once deluged with milk causes this contender to plunge to the bottom of the rankings.

(Editor’s Note: Froot Loops has not been accidentally deleted. CH neglected to put them in the list and/or has a long standing vendetta against Toucan Sam.)

Last year was the first time there wasn't postseason basketball for the Hoyas since 2004. (Shoutout to Craig Esherick.) You have to go back to Big John's first two years (before Marquette won a national championship!) to find consecutive seasons without a postseason berth for Georgetown. How confident are you that the Hoyas make the NIT or the NCAA tourney to keep that streak alive: Very confident; somewhat confident, or not at all confident?

Somewhat confident! Are we done talking about cereals? That was like, way more fun.

Georgetown has worn white uniforms (at least) twice this season. Marquette has worn gray uniforms twice this season, which seems unfathomable on multiple levels. What's up with these dudes at Jordan Brand that are messing with uniform concepts that work?

I get it that we’ll grab any money that is thrust in front of our noses these days, but maybe just maybe signing on the bottom line of a company whose face is the guy that hit the game-winner in a National Championship game against you wasn’t really a good decision, you know? Sometimes I wish Georgetown were affiliated with some casual brand like ADIDAS instead of Jordan/Nike. That being said, I’m very much looking forward to that Phil Knight Tournament in Portland next season and grabbing a coffee at one of those hipster donut joints I have seen on the Food Network.

Prediction time! Give the nice people a winner, a score, and an X-Factor.

I think Georgetown’s talent wins out here and I’ll give you a final score of Hoyas 74 – Golden Warrior Eagles 68. The X-Factor is going to be how many times Wojo slaps the floor in disgust, and I’ll set the over/under at 1.5.