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Steve Wojciechowski: Basketball Coach Or Media Member?

Apparently when you win your league opener, you can do both.

NCAA Basketball: St. Francis (PA) at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Marquette beat Georgetown to open up Big East play on Wednesday night, and apparently head coach Steve Wojciechowski was in a pretty good mood. He showed up for his media appearance before freshman guard Markus Howard had finished, and decided to have some fun with his 17 year old budding star.

Oh, man, that’s pretty funny, Wojo just hollering out questions from the back of the room to goof on Howard, who had a game high 23 points, to go with two rebounds, two assists, and two steals.

Wait, did Dan say “sits down” in that tweet?

YEP, HE SAID SITS DOWN. There’s Wojo, just sittin’ next to Matty V, giving a bunch of static to a kid who actually should be in high school right now if he hadn’t finished a year early and enrolled at Marquette. (No, really, that’s true. Howard won’t turn 18 til March.)

We got video of this interaction?

On some level, I’m disappointed that he didn’t introduce himself as “Steve from”

Matt Velazquez dug out from underneath his laptop to provide a little more context for how Howard was dressed to speak with the media.

I have to say, given the fact that he’s 17, I think Howard’s outfit looks fine. I also think his answer of being better at basketball than assembling an outfit is also accurate, because that kid is SCARY GOOD. Wednesday night was his eighth straight game with an offensive rating over 100, and he’s been over 120 for all but one of those. Almost makes you wonder how the Pittsburgh game could have turned out if he had played more than four minutes.......