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Marquette Men's Lacrosse Holds Steady In New Cascade/Maverik Top 20

That's pretty impressive when you think about it.

Ryan McNamara & Marquette hold steady just outside the top 20.
Ryan McNamara & Marquette hold steady just outside the top 20.

The new Cascade/Maverik Top 20 men's lacrosse poll is out for the first time since the season started.  We've got super news for Marquette, as they held steady at the number two spot in the "Receiving votes" category.

Why is that big news?  Well, that's because Marquette is still 0-0 on the season, because they don't open their 2016 schedule until Saturday when they host Bellarmine down at Valley Fields.  If you can convince the voters to keep handing you votes when you're still just practicing and everyone else is playing games, then you're living right.  Then again, Marquette is still nothing but potential while so many other teams have already showed a little bit of who and what they are this season, so maybe it's not that surprising.

The top three spots are unchanged: Notre Dame at 1, Denver at 2, and Duke at 3.  Not only are those still the same, but they're still all on the Marquette schedule this season, all as road games.  In other Marquette opponent news, Ohio State is up one spot to #11, Georgetown didn't play and stayed at #14, while Villanova also didn't play but fell from #19 to #20.

The opening faceoff for Saturday's game against Bellarmine is scheduled for 1pm on the center field at Valley Fields.