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3.1.16 Championship "Week" Update

It's time for Championship "Week," which means that it's time to keep up to speed on who's winning these conference tournaments.

Hey, it's Stetson's Divine Myles.  Remember him?
Hey, it's Stetson's Divine Myles. Remember him?
Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

They call it "Championship Week," but it really runs for 13 days. Every conference wants to get at least their championship game on TV, so that means we get staggered starts all across the board for the smaller conferences around the country. That means that here at AE, we call it Championship "Week," and we bring you daily updates as to what teams are playing, when they're playing, and we'll even give you links to streaming video where applicable.

This year, for the first time in a long time, it's quite important for Marquette fans to pay attention to the leagues around the country that are going to end up with only one bid in the NCAA tournament.  Right now, MU is leaning towards the bottom end of the 32 teams that deserve to be in the NIT, but some of those 32 spots are going to the regular season champs of leagues that only get one bid, because those champs are going to get knocked out of their conference tournament.

Every time a one seed loses in the next 13 days, it gets one step harder for Marquette to make it to the NIT.  Pure and simple.

Onwards to today's conference tournaments!  All times Central, btw.


6pm: #5 Kennesaw State (11-19) at #4 Florida Gulf Coast (17-13)
6pm: #6 Lipscomb (11-20) at #3 Jacksonville (16-15)
6:30pm: #8 USC Upstate (10-21) at #1 North Florida (21-10)
6:30pm: #7 Stetson (10-21) at #2 NJIT (17-13)


6pm: #10 Lafayette (6-23) at #7 Navy (18-13)
6:30pm: #9 Holy Cross (10-19) at #8 Loyola-Maryland (9-20)