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Your 2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament First Round Day 1 Open Thread!

Day 1 of the tournament + St. Patrick's Day = we're going to need some spare livers

Let's be honest, Duke's mascot is a little weird.
Let's be honest, Duke's mascot is a little weird.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports


12 straight hours of basketball today, spread across CBS, TNT, TBS, and TruTV.  Need help finding TruTV on your cable system?  Head on over to  You have to appreciate their attitude about how no one watches their network except for this week and next week.  If you need to watch the games via streaming video, you can do that via March Madness Live.  There's also the MML app, so go download that on your favorite device right now.

This might be the slower of the two days of the Round of 64.  The way the pods set up this year, we get three 1 vs 16 games today.  Even worse, two of them start in consecutive time slots, so we REALLY need that Baylor/Yale game to be worth watching.  ESPECIALLY because the next game to start after that one is Virginia, and you know that UVa isn't going to have an interesting game against Hampton.

It's going to be a long day for us Big East fans, as Butler gets the second start of the day, while Providence and Seton Hall are waaaaaaay down there in the very last two starts of the day.

Time (CT) Game Network
11:15am #4 Duke vs #13 UNC Wilmington CBS
11:40am #8 Texas Tech vs #9 Butler TruTV
12:30pm #8 Colorado vs #9 Connecticut TNT
1pm #4 Iowa State vs #13 Iona TBS
1:45pm #5 Baylor vs #12 Yale CBS
2:10pm #1 Virginia vs #16 Hampton TruTV
3pm #1 Kansas vs #16 Austin Peay TNT
3:30pm #5 Purdue vs #12 Little Rock TBS
5:50pm #3 Miami vs #14 Buffalo TNT
6:10pm #5 Indiana vs #12 Chattanooga CBS
6:20pm #1 North Carolina vs #16 Florida Gulf Coast TBS
6:27pm #3 Utah vs #14 Fresno State TruTV
8:20pm #6 Arizona vs #11 Wichita State TNT
8:40pm #4 Kentucky vs #13 Stony Brook CBS
8:50pm #8 USC vs #9 Providence TBS
8:57pm #6 Seton Hall vs #11 Gonzaga TruTV