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Your 2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament Second Round Day 1 Open Thread!

Can today live up to the excitement of yesterday? LET'S FIND OUT.

Dear Butler, please beat Virginia's brains in.
Dear Butler, please beat Virginia's brains in.
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Reminder: Cincinnati lost in the AAC tournament because they forgot to defend a 3/4 court heave with 0.8 seconds left.  The heave only tied the game, but they ended up losing.  I will never get tired of living in a world where the Bearcats continue to lose in the most painfully ridiculous manner possible.

We've got 8 games today to settle out one half of the Sweet 16.  Things kick off at 11, and we get just one game at a time until about halftime of the Indiana/Kentucky game.  We end up with three games going on at once later today, which makes me wonder why there's just one at a time until 5pm tonight.  I'm not saying a bunch at once, but why not a staggered start?  Start Game #2 at the 2 hour mark on Game #1, which is right about when the game is wrapping up.  Either it's a blowout and people can switch over, or it's close and people can skip out on the boring early part of Game #2, etc.  I know that there's a certain amount of scheduling that the NCAA has to deal with because these eight games are taking place as four doubleheaders, but you'd think that we could do better than having only Miami/Wichita State to watch in the opening window.

If you need to find TruTV on your cable system, head over to for a channel finder.  You can always stream the games through March Madness Live on your desktop or through their app on the mobile device of your choice.

If Miami or Wichita State starts blowing the game wide open, you can turn your attention to Creighton hosting Wagner in the NIT on ESPN or check out Marquette men's lacrosse taking on Quinnipiac via QU's live stream, since both of those contests start at 11am.

The comments section is yours to do with as you see fit.

Time (CT) Game Network
11:10am #3 Miami vs #11 Wichita State CBS
1:40pm #4 Duke vs #12 Yale CBS
4:15pm #5 Indiana vs #4 Kentucky CBS
5:10pm #4 Iowa State vs #12 Little Rock TNT
6:10pm #1 Virginia vs #9 Butler TBS
6:45pm #1 Kansas vs #9 Connecticut CBS
7:40pm #3 Utah vs #11 Gonzaga TNT
8:40pm #1 North Carolina vs #9 Providence TBS