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Your 2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament Second Round Day 2 Open Thread!

Let's get ready to set up the final half of the Sweet 16.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Uh, yesterday was kind of terrible, as far as excitement goes, right?  We had Wichita State rallying from down 21 to take the lead against Miami before eventually losing, we had Yale rallying from down 27 to down four in the final minutes before losing, and Kentucky-Indiana was a great game to watch, but that's about it.  I guess the North Carolina-Providence game was 75% competitive, and the same goes for Butler-Virginia, I suppose.

No upsets, not a lot of wild, memorable GIFs.  Just your average college basketball Round of 32 Saturday.  That might change on Sunday, as we get the payoff of the totally bananas Friday slate of games today.  A double digit seed is definitely going to make the Sweet 16, as a 10 plays a 15 as part of today's games.  There's four other double digit seeds that have a serious chance to win their games, too.

On the flip side of the coin, the Big East would be totally fine if fate rides with Saturday's outcomes and things go mostly according to chalk.  Side note to Xavier: Marquette is going to attempt to vote you out of the league if you lose today.  Just saying.

If you're looking for alternatives if things get a little slow, DePaul's women's team is taking on #3 seed Louisville at the Yum! Center in the second round of the women's tournament at 1:30pm.  That'll be on WatchESPN for sure, and depending on where you live, it might be on ESPN2 as well.

As always, the comments section is yours to use as you see fit.

Time (CT) Game Network
11:10am #2 Villanova vs #7 Iowa CBS
1:40pm #6 Notre Dame vs #14 Stephen F. Austin CBS
4:15pm #2 Oklahoma vs #10 VCU CBS
5:10pm #10 Syracuse vs #15 Middle Tennessee TNT
6:10pm #5 Maryland vs #13 Hawaii TBS
6:40pm #3 Texas A&M vs #11 Northern Iowa TruTV
7:40pm #2 Xavier vs #7 Wisconsin TNT
8:40pm #1 Oregon vs #8 Saint Joseph's TBS