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Marquette Basketball: Sports Illustrated's Jeremy Woo Ran With An Interesting Henry Ellenson Rumor

I mean, I haven't seen anything written anywhere to indicate what's said in the first NBA Draft Big Board of the year.

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On March 17, Sports Illustrated published their first 2016 NBA Draft Big Board, as assembled by Jeremy Woo.  It has the standard preamble paragraphs: Ben Simmons & Brandon Ingram; lots of volatility past them; blah blah blah.

We scroll down to the #8 slot to locate Marquette freshman forward Henry Ellenson, and here's what Woo had to say about him, emphasis mine:

Rumor has it that Ellenson isn't set on coming out this year, but as of right now, he's in the lottery if he wants to be. He can run, he can shoot from range and rebound, and with strong workouts has a chance to go higher than this. Multiple scouts expressed concern with his lateral quickness, and as we've seen recently with Kevin Love, defensive limitations can hamper even the most skilled, talented bigs in this mold. There remains a whole lot to like here.


This article was published the very same day that Draft Express' Jonathan Givony went on Twitter to announce that the Ellensons were proceeding with interviewing agents and it was only a matter of time before Henry announced his entry to the Draft.  That tweet earned a response from John Ellenson, Henry's father, but at no point in his two tweet responses did the elder Ellenson deny that they were proceeding with an agent search, only that he hadn't spoken to his son yet that morning.

I haven't seen anything else pop up about Ellenson's future.  Matt Velazquez wrote up a nice article in the Journal Sentinel, but it was very much laying out the situation between the nuts and bolts of the declaration process, the stark realities of the talent depth of both this draft and next year's draft, and so on and so forth.  At no point in the article does Velazquez lean one way or the other about where Ellenson's decision is at right now.  Right here on this very website, we laid out the pros and cons of both entering the draft and staying in school, but that doesn't remotely come close to qualifying as a rumor either way.

The point is that paragraph by Jeremy Woo is the only place that I've seen anyone make a reference to Henry Ellenson staying in school, and it's directly counterbalanced by the report on the same day by Jonathan Givony.  If you read what Woo wrote across the body of the Big Board, it's clear that he's been talking to NBA sources as a part of assembling it.

All we know for sure is that Marquette is on Spring Break until Tuesday because of where Easter fell this year.  I would have to imagine that there won't be any definitive movement in any direction until Henry Ellenson returns to Milwaukee.  If nothing else, Marquette is going to want him in town to for a media availability one way or the other, so we'll just have to twiddle our thumbs until then.

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