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Your 2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament Sweet 16 Day One Open Thread!

Don't ruin our weekend in the first game, Villanova.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, the biggest game of the day for Marquette/Big East fans is going to be the one that leads off tonight's television coverage: Villanova attempting to get to the Elite Eight through a contest with Miami.

Three of the four games that you'll see today are complete chalk: a 1 vs 4 game and two 2 vs 3 games.  The only one that doesn't fit in is the Maryland/Kansas game, and the Terrapins are the #5 seed taking on the top seeded Jayhawks.

Here's the KenPom predictions for the games:

  • Villanova has a 64% chance of victory
  • Oklahoma has a 57% chance of victory
  • Kansas has a 73% chance of victory
  • Oregon has a 55% chance of victory

If you need to stream the games, then March Madness Live is your place to go.  No TruTV games, so we don't have to worry about finding that on your cable dial.

The comments section is yours...

Time Game Network
6:10pm #2 Villanova vs #3 Miami CBS
6:37pm #2 Oklahoma vs #3 Texas A&M TBS
8:40pm #1 Kansas vs #5 Maryland CBS
9:07pm #1 Oregon vs #4 Duke TBS