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Your 2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament Elite Eight Day 1 Open Thread

Dear eight pound, six ounce newborn baby Jesus.....

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We settle out one half of the Final Four today.  It should be two very excellent games, as both contests feature a #1 seed taking on the #2 seed in their region.  Both games are essentially coin tosses, according to KenPom.  Oklahoma has a 53% chance to beat Oregon, with a predicted score of 77-76.  Over in the game that we care about as Big East fans, it is literally a coin toss.  The predicted score is Villanova winning, 74-73, but the Wildcats have a 50% chance of victory.  I'm guessing it's a "rounds off to 50% issue" that has it tilted ever so slightly in Nova's favor.

Here's your schedule of events.  Be sure to catch the action on March Madness Live if you can't get to a TV.  The comments section is yours, so have fun.

Time (CT) Game Network
5:09pm #1 Oregon vs #2 Oklahoma CBS
7:49pm #1 Kansas vs #2 Villanova CBS