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Your 2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament Elite Eight Day 2 Open Thread!

Surprise: I'm not watching that first game.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Look.  I watched a lot of that Oregon-Oklahoma game, even though it really wasn't competitive.  Turned it off late, because who are we kidding here.  I watched all of the Villanova-Kansas game, because 1) Villanova gave it a personal stake and 2) It was a hell of a game.

I am not watching a single second of that damn Virginia-Syracuse game.

Not happening.

Hooray for Virginia and their KenPom top 10 offensive and defensive ratings.  They're still the slowest damn team in the country who had to be dragged kicking and screaming above 60 possessions per game by the shortened shot clock this season.  Hooray for Syracuse, who managed to get to the Elite Eight even though they had no business being in the tournament based on their regular season performance.  They're still a bottom 30 team in tempo and the second slowest team left in the tournament.  KenPom projects this game as a 58 possession contest.

I am not watching this garbage.

Anyway.  Catch the streams of these two games on March Madness Live if you can't get to a TV.

Time (CT) Game Network
5:09pm #1 Virginia vs #10 Syracuse TBS
7:49pm #1 North Carolina vs #6 Notre Dame TBA