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Marquette Basketball: And Now, The First Ever Henry Ellenson #WojBomb

It's a historic landmark for every NBA player....

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Once Marquette's season ended with a loss to Xavier in the Big East tournament and MU announced that they would not pursue any other postseason opportunities, the question became: When will Henry Ellenson announce his decision to leave or stay?

Draft Express reported a while back that the Ellenson family was beginning the process of hiring an agent, but Sports Illustrated dropped a "maaaaaybe he's staying in school" rumor in their first NBA Draft Big Board of the year.  It left things up in the air for sure.

That ended on Saturday, when Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, king of NBA breaking news, stepped in to settle matters.

That, kids, it's what's called a #WojBomb, and it's the first official #WojBomb of Henry Ellenson's professional career.  Quite a milestone, if you think about it.

Draft Express has Ellenson slotted as the #9 pick in the NBA Draft right now, but things can shift once the official lottery order is settled after the regular season ends.

With the news from Wojnarowski, all we're doing now is waiting for an official announcement from Ellenson and Marquette.  Given the NCAA adjusting and relaxing the rules on withdrawing from the NBA Draft, it would make a lot of sense for Luke Fischer and maybe Haanif Cheatham to toss their names in the hat in order to get a little bit of feedback on how NBA scouts see them right now.  We'll see what happens when an official announcement comes out of the McGuire Center.