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Marquette Men's Lacrosse Drops In New Media Top 20 Poll

Well, that was bound to happen.

Why am I featuring Joe Dunn here? Because I can.
Why am I featuring Joe Dunn here? Because I can.
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On Friday night, Marquette men's lacrosse was ranked #15 in the country and lost 16-1 to #16 Duke.  They were bound to drop in the newest edition of the Cascade/Maverik poll.  That's what happened on Monday morning, when Marquette came in at #18.

It's good news that the Golden Eagles are still in the top 20 poll.  It's not that important, though, as the NCAA released their tournament top 10 rankings on Saturday afternoon.  While I'm pissed off at the NCAA for starting to filter the stupid college football rankings updates out to the other sports (women's basketball did this too this past season), Marquette came in at #9 on that setup.  Slight disclaimer, though: that was decided on by only counting games through April 17, which was a week ago and long before the loss to Duke.  In any case, #9 is much better than #15, so I would imagine Marquette is still in halfway decent shape for the Big Barbecue.

Marquette has just one regular season game remaining, and the Big East regular season title will be on the line in that one.  For the second time this year, Marquette will play the #1 team in the country, with this one coming against Denver in the Mile High City on Saturday afternoon.  Both teams are 4-0 in league play this season, and whoever loses the game will be the #2 seed in the Big East tournament.

Notre Dame has been toppled from their perch as the #1 team in the country after losing 17-15 to North Carolina, who is up to #10 from #13 last week.  The Irish didn't go down that far, though, landing at #4 in the poll this week.  Duke's win over Marquette got them to move up to #14 this week, while Villanova used a victory over St. John's to advance from #18 to #17.

Saturday's game against #1 Denver is scheduled to start at 2pm Central on CBS Sports Network.

You can check out the full top 20 rankings right here.