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Report: Kalif Young Is Not Visiting Marquette, But L.G. Gill Is

Well, ain't that something.

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UPDATE (May 2, 2016): Kalif Young will be visiting Marquette on May 4 & 5.

For a few weeks now, Marquette fans were aware that Canadian prep schooler Kalif Young and Duquesne grad transfer L.G. Gill were both going to be visiting Milwaukee this coming weekend.

Well, not so much any more.

Matt Velazquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that only Gill is visiting, and more importantly, Marquette has no other visits scheduled.

With no other visits scheduled, it certainly seems that Marquette is no longer pursuing Young, or perhaps, Young is no longer interested in Marquette.  It's hard to say for certain, because Young has already rescheduled a visit to Providencefrom earlier in April to sometime in May, and he may not have visited Alabama as previously scheduled either.

Gill is listed at 6'8" tall and 220 lb., and averaged 10.1 points and 6.5 rebounds per game for the Dukes last season.  He's never been a rebounder of significant note for Duquesne, though.  His 6.5 mark per game this past season is a career best, and he's never cracked into the top 500 in the country in offensive or defensive rebounding rate, according to  He's also shown a proclivity towards shooting threes, with his long range attempts outpacing his two point attempts every single year at Duquesne.

Marquette has one scholarship available for this coming fall after the departure of Wally Ellenson from the team.  While the situation surrounding Ellenson's departure is not completely clear at this point, there's at least reason to believe that head coach Steve Wojciechowski chose size for next year's roster over Ellenson's energy play in limited minutes off the bench.  Wojciechowski's pursuit of size might now be down to only Gill, who was a role player at best last season for a Duquesne team that went 16-17 against Division 1 opponents and 6-12 in the Atlantic 10.

Gill and Wojciechowski might be on the same page as to what is going to be asked of Gill if he comes to Milwaukee, which could radically alter his statistical profile.  Hopefully his lack of rebounding is more of a function of how the Dukes played than anything else.  Still, even if that's the case, Gill is a graduate transfer, and would only play for Marquette for one season, so he's not a long term solution to add size to the roster.  Given how things have started out for Marquette's recruiting for 2017 so far this spring, it's obvious that Wojo and his staff are working diligently to solve that problem.