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And Now: People Being Stupid About Henry Ellenson Leaving Marquette For The NBA

I warned y'all that this was coming if you were going to be stupid.

"Man, they say all sorts of dumb thing about me, and they LIKE me. I can't imagine what they say about you, stripes."
"Man, they say all sorts of dumb thing about me, and they LIKE me. I can't imagine what they say about you, stripes."
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Y'all have seen Bambi, right?  Remember the lesson that Thumper learns from his mother?  "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

In the wake of ESPN breaking the news that Henry Ellenson is hiring an agent and entering the NBA Draft, we're going to enforce The Thumper Rule.

The first 12 people in Henry's mentions are offering congrats and best wishes.  Shout out to you guys for having a solid head on your shoulders.

This is the 13th item in his mentions, and we're now just barely over the line into dumb.

Disappointed?  Was there some sort of personal promise made to you that Henry is breaking here?

Then there's this one, which is just flagrantly violating The Thumper Rule.

You're going to want to forget about the season where you watched the best freshman to ever suit up for Marquette?  C'mon, man.  What are we even doing out here, man.

This was in response to Henry sending a welcoming tweet to new MU verbal commit Markus Howard.  This just looks sad and desperate, Egg Man.

Do you even understand the calculus of how much luck and freak chance went into Villanova winning the title?  "Stay in school so you MIGHT win a national championship" is insane.  That, however, is at least somehow more sensible than this response to that tweet:

Yes, he blew his chance to live out his dream of being a pro basketball player.  Massive tragedy here.

At least those people had the weird stones to actually tag Henry in their tweets.  How about all the haters who didn't?

Were you owed something more than what you got?

Second most blocks ever by a Marquette freshman, but do you, man.

Hey, this guy's back.  Literally nothing?  Not the four 25+ point games?  Not the 18 double digit rebounding games, all of which were double-doubles because of his points as well?  Not the 10 games with at least three assists at his size and focus in the offense?  Not the 11 multiple block games?  None of this?  You saw none of these games?  Not even the 32 & 10 with six blocks against Butler?  Missed that one?

I don't think that's a compliment.  I mean, shout out to Vander for being on the verge of breaking the NBDL scoring record, but you get what I mean.

Undefeated in the Kohl Center, bruh.

What an odd thing to say about both teams.

Dude, where have you been?

I mean, it's only a big hit if you, y'know, were telling yourself lies about Henry's draft potential.... which has been in Draft Express' lottery for this year since before he committed to Marquette in the first place....

"So bummed I watched all those records get broken this season."

By the way, Wally Ellenson is still on the team.

You're right, it's not.  It's about headhunters offering him his dream job after one year of college.  If you were a finance major, and at the end of your freshman year, a big Wall Street investment bank offered you a job as junior vice president, with the inside track to being named Chief Financial Officer in 4 years, you'd take it, right?  Same thing here.

What's the deal with the "thanks for nothing" commentary?  Did you watch the games this season?  Did you enjoy watching the games this season?  Guess what?  A whole hell of a lot of your enjoyment of those games was....... drumroll...... because of Henry Ellenson.

But don't worry!  He's not done yet!

Did people totally forget the 13-19 season that happened in 2014-15?  Serious question.  Still one more from this dude, and I bet you know what it is.....

I really need this answered: When you say something like this, are you aware that ESPN and Draft Express and so on and so forth are assembling mock drafts and draft boards based on what NBA scouts and executives are telling them?  And, as a followup, are you aware that these opinions are thus placing Ellenson as a top 10 pick in the draft?  Therefore -- and I realize this might be a massive leap in logic for these people -- NBA team employees think Henry Ellenson is NBA ready?

What in God's name makes you think that you're better than these people at their jobs?


These last two aren't mean or dumb or short sighted or anything, but they made me laugh.  You'll understand why.


This isn't about Henry's decision, not technically, so it doesn't fit in with the rest of the above dumb comments.  This was sent to the AE twitter in response to a discussion of what Wojo might do with the one remaining scholarship for 2016-17.

Where do you even start with that?

Did I miss something really good by only running searches for "@HenryEllenson13," "Henry Ellenson," and #mubb?  Seen any dumb takes on Facebook?  Drop us a line - - or post it in the comments section!