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Why Won't Wisconsin Badgers Football Fans Support Marquette Men's Lacrosse?

I mean, it's just rude, honestly.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, Marquette men's lacrosse beat #1 ranked Denver to win the Big East tournament championship by a final score of 10-9.  That victory earned Marquette their first ever NCAA tournament appearance by way of the conference's automatic bid.

On Sunday, the NCAA announced that Marquette's very first national championship tournament game would be a home game, sending the North Carolina Tar Heels to face the #6 seeded Golden Eagles in Milwaukee this coming Saturday.

It's now Thursday afternoon.  I haven't seen a tweet, a blog post, a message board thread, an Instagram photo, an email, a smoke signal, nada, zip, zero, zilch from a Wisconsin Badgers football fan indicating that they're going to support Marquette on Saturday.

This is absurd.

Marquette has the only Division 1 lacrosse program in the entire state of Wisconsin.  It's the only option to root for when it comes to lacrosse, so obviously every citizen should be cheering for the Golden Eagles, especially those people who actually LIVE IN LA CROSSE.  UW-Madison doesn't have their own team even though the Big Ten does sponsor the sport, so it's merely logical that Badger Football fans adopt the only team in the state as their own.

On top of that, Saturday's game is going to be a part of state history.  We've already had the first 15 Division 1 lacrosse games in the history of all of Wisconsin over the past four seasons, but this is new.  For the first time ever, the NCAA men's lacrosse national championship will have a game contested inside our state's borders.  That's The BADGER State, by the way, so it seems to me to be the lowest insult of them all that Badger fans won't be supporting the Golden Eagles against the out-of-state Tar Heels.

With the lone program ready to make history and make a push to win a national championship for this state, Badger football fans need to get off their high horses and support Marquette lacrosse.  We'll see you out there on Saturday, Badger fans....... well, okay, we won't, because the game already sold out twice in two days and you're already late to the party.  So you'd better do your duty as a Wisconsinite and watch the game on ESPNU on Saturday afternoon.