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Marquette Basketball's Three Newcomers Have Uniform Numbers

Thankfully, we avoid any further uniform controversy.

Katin Reinhardt won't be wearing #5 for Marquette.
Katin Reinhardt won't be wearing #5 for Marquette.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday night, Marquette Basketball tweeted out three pictures announcing the uniform numbers for the three newcomers for the 2016-17 season. Here's the tweets, in chronological order:

First things first: those are three really impressive Photoshop jobs, so shoutout to whoever knocked those out of the park.

We should probably address the most notable thing about these announcements: Katin Reinhardt is wearing #22, which was worn by Wally Ellenson last year. This should pretty much end all discussion of any possibility of a reconciliation between head coach Steve Wojciechowski and the elder Ellenson.

Both Hauser and Howard are picking up numbers that weren't worn last season. #10 was most recently worn by Juan Anderson from 2011-15, while #0 has been out of use since 2014. Jamil Wilson was the last #0 on the roster, donning that digit for three years in Milwaukee.

In case you were wondering why Brendan Bailey isn't included in these pictures even though he was a part of the class of 2016, remember: he's on a Mormon mission right now and won't join Marquette til the fall of 2018.

It seems unlikely that any of the three men have a chance to become the best Golden Eagle to wear their jersey number. Howard has the best chance, needing to only eclipse Wilson, who played on a Sweet 16 team and an Elite 8 team, and Amal McCaskill, who ranks second all time in blocks. Hauser's task is nearly impossible, as he'll have to find a way to top Tony Miller, Marquette's all time assists leader. Given that Reinhardt is a graduate transfer and will only play one season for Marquette, I'm going to guarantee that he won't be the best #22 ever, since Jerel McNeal, MU's all time leading scorer, had the double deuce. Heck, second, third, and fourth place isn't even on the table for Reinhardt, because Jim Chones, Brian Wardle, and Lloyd Walton are right up there, too. Then again, I suppose if Reinhardt ends up as the leading scorer on a national championship team, I guess we could probably have a substantive debate on the issue. Dare to dream, y'all.