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Steve Wojciechowski & Joe Amplo Discussed Italian Geography & History

Two of Marquette’s head coaches engaged in a friendly Twitter battle on Wednesday morning.

Marquette head coach Steve Wojciechowski Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

If you take a swing over to the Marquette men’s lacrosse Twitter on a regular basis, you’ve noticed that the 2016 Big East Tournament champs are over in Italy for a tour and a few games against the English National Team.

Because he’s a guy who knows how to use a fortuitous situation to his own benefit, head coach Joe Amplo made sure 1) his wife came on the trip with the team and 2) the team went on a gondola tour of Venice.

Please note the hashtag that Coach Amplo used in the tweet. It’s probably just a running gag that the team is using while they’re going all over Italy, but this will become very relevant in a moment.

You’ll remember that Marquette’s men’s basketball team also went to Italy last summer. Combine that first person knowledge of the country along with the cold-blooded nature it takes to cheat because you can to beat small children at 1-on-1, and it should not surprise you that MBB head coach Steve Wojciechowski is ready to #WellActually the hell out of Amplo.

Mind you, there’s summer basketball day camp going on this week, and Wojo managed to find the time to fire off that tweet within five minutes of Amplo posting it. It’s like an XKCD comic come to life, if you think about it.

Don’t worry, though. Amplo was all set with a clap back.

Well, I can’t argue the particulars of the Roman Empire with Amplo, that’s for sure. The technical escape by Amplo did not go unnoticed by Wojo, either.