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Marquette Reached Out To A Bunch Of 2018 Basketball Recruits

The first day of phone calls to 2018 recruits led to a lot of tweets about guys with newfound interest from Wojo and staff.

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Marquette head coach Steve Wojciechowski Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Wednesday was the first day that coaches could call recruits in the class of 2018. As a result, we’ve got a whole big bunch of new recruits that Marquette has reached out to already.

Swider, who hails from Rhode Island, is listed at 6’7" and 210 lb. on his 247 Sports page. He doesn’t have a star rating or a ranking. His Verbal Commits page lists him as a two star prospect, but given that gigantic list of teams ringing him up, I have to figure that he’s not being properly evaluated yet.

Hey, remember walk-on Dave Singleton? No? Well, that’s okay.

This guy appears to be a bit more talented than the walk-on with the similar name. 247’s Composite system rates him as a four star prospect in the 2018 class, and ranks him #53 in the country. Singleton, who hails from Torrance just like Eddie Adams, has previously only been getting interest from Pac 12 teams, with the exception of Michigan. That’s definitely going to be changing going forward.

Much like Cole Swider, Thomas hasn't gotten much national attention to this point. He doesn’t have a ranking or rating on 247 Sports, and Verbal Commits marks him has a two star player. He’s listed at 6’6" and 225 lb., which apparently qualifies him as a power forward according to 247.

Kelly is a top 100 player according to the 247 Sports Composite rankings. The 6’7", 205 lb. small forward checks in at #98, while 247’s internal system likes him a lot more with a ranking of #72. Either way, he’s the fifth best soon-to-be junior in the state of Georgia.

That should say Oak Park, as Battin is from Oak Park, California. He’s a 6’9", 220 lb. center, and he’s pretty good, even though he hasn’t gotten a lot of high profile attention yet. 247 Sports gives him three stars in their Composite system, but he’s ranked #93 in the country.

This tweet is the sum total of information I can find about Washington. I mean, there’s other things out there, but it’s directly connected to his career at Grand Rapids, so it’s not particularly enlightening. 247 page? Nope. Verbal Commits page? Nope.

That’s a giant list of guys! Did you see anything else zipping around the internet about what Wojo and staff were up to on Day 1 of 2018 phone calls? Any of these guys catch your attention in particular?