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How To Watch: Marquette’s Mike Van Sickle & Day 2 of the 2016 U.S. Open

That lightning stoppage on Thursday is going to leave us with very little Marquette involvement on Friday.

Marquette mascot Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

After a rough front nine, Marquette Golf alum Mike Van Sickle played the back nine at Oakmont Country Club at even par to finish his first round at six over par.

That’s the bad news.

The weird news is that Van Sickle was one of just nine players to finish their first round on Thursday due to multiple lightning delays before play was suspended before 3pm Central time. That’s why Van Sickle is tied for 69th place on Friday morning as play resumes and half the field still needs to start their first round.

As a result of needing eighty or so guys to fit in 18 holes of golf before they can even start the second round and a reversal of start times from round 1, Van Sickle’s not scheduled to tee off for Round 2 until 6:26pm Central time on Thursday. says the sun is going to set at Oakmont at 7:52pm Central time. I’m going to guess that Van Sickle isn’t going to fit 18 holes into less than 90 minutes. Of course, we should probably ask why they’re taking a three hour break (2:57pm CT through 6:15pm CT) in start times when they’re so backlogged anyway, but that’s neither here nor there. EDIT: Shoutout to my guy @go_marquette for pointing out that they're sending groups off on 1 and 10, and the "break" is merely the groups flipping sides of the course, thus making it impossible to send anyone else out.

Anyway, the point is that Van Sickle’s barely going to get going on Thursday before needing to complete his second round on Saturday. Patience is the order of the day, but in any case, here’s how you can watch.

UPDATE: Apparently finishing the first round ran long, so Van Sickle won't begin Round 2 until Saturday morning at 6:11am Central time.

What: 2016 U.S. Open First & Second Rounds
When: June 17, 2016
TV: FS1 & Fox Sports Go, 7am-4pm; Fox & Fox Sports Go, 4pm-8pm
Streaming: will show you holes 3, 13, and 17; 6:30am-6pm

You can track Van Sickle’s play throughout the day (and the tournament in general) with the USGA’s handy dandy leaderboard. It’s also probably a good idea to keep an eye on @MUGolfLive, the official Twitter account of the Marquette golf team, as well as @USOpenGolf, the official Twitter account for the tournament.