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Mike Van Sickle Is Really Going To Play The Second Round Of The U.S. Open Today, I Promise

It's been a weird weekend in Pennsylvania already.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Things got all kajammered out of whack at the 2016 U.S. Open due to lightning on Thursday, and Marquette golf alum Mike Van Sickle was supposed to start his second round very late on Friday.

That didn’t happen, as things went long while finishing up the first round, and the USGA elected to adjust the tee times for the second flight of players. That sent Van Sickle to a 6:11am Central time start on Saturday morning, so by the time you’re reading this, he’s probably already a few holes into his round.  Of course, they had to suspend play because of darkness (but sadly not for The Darkness) on Friday night, but I don't think a bunch of people out on holes 14 and 15 are going to slow down getting people started on holes 1 and 10.

Van Sickle finished his first round six over par, and as of the end of play on Friday, he’s going to have some ground to make up. The cutline is top 60 and ties, and Van Sickle is currently tied for 72nd place. The good news is that the ties for 60th place are at five over par, so he’s not that far off. The bad news is that this is the U.S. Open, and they REALLY want the best score of the weekend to be even par.

Once the final flight of players complete the second round, the USGA staff will figure out who made the cut, divide everybody up into trios based on score through two rounds, and send them back out there to begin round three.  The expected high temperature at Oakmont on Saturday is 88 degrees, so that's going to be a long, sweaty day for a whole bunch of people.

Anyway, here’s your TV Schedule for Saturday.

What: 2016 U.S. Open Second and Third Rounds
When: June 19, 2016
TV: FS1 & Fox Sports Go, 6:30am-10am CT; Fox & Fox Sports Go, 10am-7pm CT; FS1 & Fox Sports Go, 7pm-8pm CT
Streaming: will show you holes 3, 13, and 17; 6:45am-7pm CT

You can track Van Sickle’s play throughout the day (and the tournament in general) with the USGA’s handy dandy leaderboard. It’s also probably a good idea to keep an eye on @MUGolfLive, the official Twitter account of the Marquette golf team, as well as @USOpenGolf, the official Twitter account for the tournament.