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Marquette Announces Rachel Platten & American Authors For 2016 Homecoming Concert

Well, this just turned into a thing, didn’t it?

Rachel Platten Performs On NBC's 'Today' Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

A while back, Marquette announced that they were bringing back Homecoming Week, starting in October of 2016. The genesis of the idea was the successful block party in the hours before Marquette Madness in 2015, and now it’s turned into a whole week of events on campus leading up to Madness this coming October.

Well, it’s reached a whole new gear of interesting now. On Wednesday, Marquette announced the artists for the 2016 Homecoming Concert: American Authors and Rachel Platten.

The concert will be on Saturday, October 8th, the day after Marquette Madness. You can hear the two major hits for both artists - Best Day Of My Life & Fight Song - in the announcement video.

It’s one thing to say you’re making the whole week a celebration for the university, it’s another thing to fire ahead with a concert featuring two major label performing artists. Shoutout to whoever it was in the university administration that got the idea and pushed for it.

Tickets for the concert will be available starting at noon on Monday, August 30, which just happens to be the first day of classes for the fall semester.

You can check out the full schedule of events that are currently scheduled for Homecoming Week right here (although it doesn’t include the men’s soccer game against preseason #10 Georgetown) and keep your browsers pointed at for more information as it becomes available.