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Marquette Kind Of Released The Home Half Of The 2016-17 Big East Men’s Basketball Schedule

I mean, it’s just sitting there, and who knows how long it’s been there.

Southern v Marquette Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

So there I was on Sunday night as the Cubs were slogging their way to the end of a 9-5 win over the Astros in a game where they led 9-0 at one point when this came skittering across the Twitters:

Marquette’s season ticket website says what about a home game against Creighton?? The Big East already confirmed that the schedule would be released on Tuesday, so how in the hey....

/makes a few clicks

/ends up on this page right here

/clicks “show events” under “2016-17 MBB Basketball Season Tickets”

That, kids, is a screencap of that page. By the time you read this, Marquette may have edited the page to hide those games. I can’t predict the future. But for now, the athletic department is allowing you to see those game dates when you attempt to buy season tickets. It’s possible that something could change between now and Tuesday, when the official announcement is made. But odds are that this is pretty much locked in place if it’s essentially being used as advertising.

Here’s my big take aways from this sneak peek:

  1. MU opens Big East play at home against Georgetown.
  2. National Marquette Day is probably going to be on February 18 against Xavier, which also happens to be the lone Saturday night game on the schedule, even though the Bradley Center appears to be pretty wide open for Saturday night home games.
  3. Students do not resume classes until January 17, so they will miss the first three home games.
  4. The first game back for the students will be against Villanova, though.
  5. Marquette appears to play back to back home games thrice: Seton Hall/DePaul, Villanova/Providence and Xavier/St. John’s.
  6. After opening the conference slate at home, MU will not play a home game again for two weeks.

We’ll reconvene on Tuesday to see if this holds up and to see where the road games fall so y’all can start planning your road trips.