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Big East Announces 2017 Big East Men’s Basketball Marathon

It’s on MLK Day thanks to those no good jerks over in college football.

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Xavier Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

As a tease to the announcement of the full 2016-17 Big East men’s basketball schedule on Tuesday, the league announced the lineup for the 2017 Big East Men’s Basketball Marathon on Monday afternoon.

While in the past it has been a New Year’s Eve related event, due to the College Football Playoff occupying Saturday AND New Year’s Eve at the same time this year, the Big East will be holding a marathon on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, which is January 16, 2017. The existence of a work holiday for a majority of people means there’s an audience for 12ish hours of basketball on television, and thus makes that a prime day to hold the marathon.

Here’s the lineup for the day:

I don’t know about you, but I’m okay with not having an 11am CT tip at the Bradley Center on a Monday morning.

The league even came up with creative reasons to be excited about each match up.

With the accidental leak of what we can presume is the real list of Marquette home games on the season ticket sales webpage, this now gives us a date for 10 of Marquette’s 18 Big East games for the forthcoming season. The road trip to Butler comes just two days after MU will (probably) be hosting DePaul at the Bradley Center, but based on the spacing of the next home game, they’ll probably head out on the road for the game after Butler as well.

The league’s Twitter says that the full schedule is coming at 11am CT on Tuesday, so brace yourself for that, y’all.