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Marquette Volleyball Returns To Receiving Votes In The AVCA Top 25

Just a few votes, but it’s important to be on the radar.

Marquette women's volleyball
Sara Blasier and the Golden Eagles continue to work at getting into the top 25.

After not registering in the AVCA’s eyes a week ago, Marquette volleyball is back in the receiving votes department in the newest top 25 poll.

The Golden Eagles went 3-0 at the Bluegrass Battle last weekend, including a victory over host (and at the time receiving votes squad) Kentucky. That trio of wins was enough to earn MU five points in the balloting. Ok, it’s not much, but it does mean that Marquette appeared on at least two ballots this week, as opposed to last week when they did not. Small steps.

The Golden Eagles will get a prime opportunity to show the voters that they deserve to be on their ballot this coming weekend when they host the Marquette Invitational. As a part of that event, Marquette will play Iowa State (22 points, unofficially #30) and Missouri State (83 points, #27). With the Bears just barely on the outside looking in, a win over MSU would do Marquette a world of good. Beating the Cyclones wouldn’t hurt, either.

Two Marquette opponents are in the top 25. USC is moving up to #21 this week as they continue to recover from their 0-3 start that included a loss to the Golden Eagles. Santa Clara, one of just two teams to beat MU so far this season, is up to #17 from #19 a week ago.

The other team to beat Marquette this year was Wichita State, and they’re sitting on 20 points in this edition of the poll. The Shockers are six spots outside the top 25 for the time being.

There’s only one Big East team joining Marquette on the list of teams getting votes in the poll. Creighton, which started out the year in the top 25, is now down to just 14 points and an unofficial rank of #33 in the country. This seems kind of unfair, since the Bluejays’ losses this season are to Wichita State, Kentucky, USC, and Kansas. The Jayhawks are the only team that we haven’t mentioned so far here, and they were #4 in the country at the time of the match. Still are, in fact.

Kentucky dropped out of the Receiving Votes department after starting the season ranked in the top 25. For Marquette’s benefit, let’s hope that the Wildcats pull it back together in rapid fashion.

You can check out the full top 25 right here.