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Marquette Men’s Basketball Student Tickets Went On Sale Yesterday And Almost No One Is Excited

That’s, uh, concerning.

Southern v Marquette Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

One of the most reliable articles every year here at Anonymous Eagle is our Twitter check in on the day when student tickets for Marquette men’s basketball go on sale. We’ve had a post with the reactions in each of the past four years, each with a pretty strong level of success.

In 2012, it took just 75 minutes to get nine tweets, BOOM, article.

In 2013, we dragged it out til the next morning, but there was still 15 tweets, plus two bonuses from the end of the day from the athletic department.

The 2014 edition had another 15 entries.

2015 seemed to slow down a bit, and, y’know, kind of fairly. The team was coming off its worst season in two decades. Even with that in mind, though, we had found 11 tweets in the hashtag stream, and a secondary search for “Marquette tickets” found two more peeps fired up about their newly purchased tickets for a total of 13.

This year..... well......

It’s been over 24 hours as of this writing since student tickets went on sale..... and no one has tweeted with the #mubb tag about how fired up they are to make their purchase. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Squadoosh. Nada. I guess we could count Friend Of The Blog Marquette Nation tweeting about tickets going on sale as a tweet:

But that was the only one.

That backup search we used last year netted just four tweets:

And then it struck me. If you’re a senior at Marquette and you hadn’t become a MU hoops fan before arriving on campus, why would you be excited to drop $100 on student tickets? The last three seasons have literally been the worst three seasons of a current college student’s lifespan. Don’t believe me? Imagine being a freshman that is a Marquette fan already. Before the current three year run of no postseason appearances, the last time that Marquette missed the NCAA tournament was when the current freshmen were SEVEN YEARS OLD.

Imagine being a freshman who isn’t a Marquette fan already. (It’s okay, it happens.) “Hey, you buying basketball tickets?” “Are we any good?” “Weeeeeelllllllll.........”

Maybe the tickets are being sold, but no one’s just excited enough to talk about it. Maybe kids today don’t like using Twitter any more and they should also get off my lawn. Maybe it was just poorly advertised on campus and elsewhere (I didn’t realize they were going on sale until @muathletics tweeted about it.) Maybe the north end of the Bradley Center will be more full than it has been the last few years.

Or maybe this year’s edition of the Golden Eagles is going to have to win a few games before the student populace remembers/discovers exactly how much fun a rocking Bradley Center can be.