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Marquette Women’s Soccer Gets Shelled By #2 Stanford

Well, the final was only 3-0, but it wasn’t really even that close.

Marquette women's soccer
Maddy Henry’s seven saves kept the match vs #2 Stanford mostly respectable.

Marquette women’s soccer closed out their Labor Day weekend trip to the west coast with a 3-0 loss to #2 Stanford on Sunday afternoon.

That actually doesn’t sound too bad. Y’know, top five team, unranked and clearly figuring some things out Marquette, only giving up three goals? That’s not terrible.

What is pretty bad is the shot situation in the game. The Cardinal outshot Marquette 31-2. Thirty-one. To two. After Stanford ripped off the first fourteen shots of the game and then scored on their fifteenth shot, we should probably tip our caps to the Cardinal for continuing to push up the field, as it was clear that they could pretty much toy with Marquette for the rest of the game.

Stanford got off another three shots before the end of the half, then scored on their first shot of the second half, then cracked off seven more unanswered shots before finally wrapping up the scoring in the 71st minute.

At least Maddy Henry made seven saves, two in the first half, five in the second, to keep the score respectable. Well, mostly respectable, I guess.

Here’s head coach Markus Roeders talking about the match:

And specifically about Maddy Henry’s play against Stanford:

Up Next: Marquette will be back at Valley Fields for their next match, and they’ll get a chance to bounce back from whatever this was against UW-Milwaukee on Friday night. The Panthers are 3-2-1 on the season following their 2-1 loss to Drake on Sunday afternoon.