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Marquette Wants You To Stripe The Bradley Center For National Marquette Day

It’s 100% on you, the fan, knowing about this.

Georgetown v Marquette Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Marquette has announced a plan to stripe the BMO Harris Bradley Center in navy blue, championship blue, and gold for National Marquette Day on February 18th against Xavier. The plan is simple: fans in each section wear the corresponding color as seen on this handy dandy chart.

National Marquette Day seating map

There is, however, a catch. You see the pictures of the T-shirts along the edges of the seating map? Well, they’re not going to be sitting on the chairs at the BC when you arrive for the game.

The Gold, Navy and Championship Blue T-shirts are available for $10 in the Spirit Shop in the Alumni Memorial Union (1442 W. Wisconsin Ave.) and online.

Yes, that’s right, those are the shirts you can purchase so you can match the correct color for your section. It’s on you, the fan, to learn about this promotion, figure out where you’re sitting, discern which color you should be wearing, and then acquire said clothing on your own.

If you’re like me, with season tickets in one of the gold sections, this will probably be very easy for you. Those of you in the navy sections are probably going to have an easy time of things as well. Championship blue, or if you prefer, baby blue? Well, that might be a little more difficult. Luckily, you can plunk down $10 at the Spirit Shop to get your appropriate gear.

Amazingly enough, this was not the biggest piece of news in the release on this topic. Buried down in the fourth paragraph was this, emphasis mine:

The weekend’s festivities include the National Marquette Day Pep Rally at 6 p.m. CT Friday, Feb. 17 and a men’s basketball alumni game at the Al McGuire Center at 7 p.m. Admission is free to both events.

Now, let’s be clear: You’re not going to be seeing Jimmy Butler and Jae Crowder in that alumni game. It’s going to be for the Travis Dieners and Jim McIllvaines of the Marquette world: Guys who can still go a little, but have retired from their professional hoops careers. It should still be a pretty fun event, and the fact that the athletic department is announcing it is probably a sign that they have a commitment from at least 12 guys to play.

If you need a navy blue shirt, click here. Championship blue seat peeps, you can get a shirt here. Gold crew (aka best crew), your shirts are available for purchase through this link.