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Your College Football Saturday Viewing Guide: October 14, 2017

I’m sensing a trend here. A trend of kind of lame schedules of games to watch.

NCAA Football: Illinois at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, serious question.

I’m not the world’s biggest college football fan, as evidenced by the fact that I regularly cheer for the most disastrous outcome for the sport week in and week out. As a result, I’m probably not that familiar with the ebb and flow of the season over the course of history.

Thus my question: Are there usually a lot of lackluster Saturdays in terms of overall super games to watch for neutral observers, or is it just this season? Or am I just thinking this because there are currently five non-Power Five teams ranked between 16 and 25 in the Associated Press poll, and thus it makes it feel like there aren’t a lot of headline grabbing games?

Would this seem like a much bigger weekend of football if Georgia Tech (visiting #11 Miami) were ranked #25 instead of Navy? Or if West Virginia (hosting #24 Texas Tech) were #19 instead of San Diego State? Is that what the issue is here? Rankings are just spread out further, and thus there’s less games between two ranked teams?

Maybe it’s just that #2 Clemson already played last night and #3 Penn State is off this week. I guess the good news is that the whole weekend can’t be a bummer because Syracuse already knocked off the Tigers, thus creating our anarchy for the week.

Anyway, here’s your slate for the day:

College Football Saturday Viewing Guide: 10/14/17

Time (CT) Game TV Network
Time (CT) Game TV Network
11:00 AM #6 TCU at Kansas State FS1
11:00 AM #17 Michigan at Indiana ABC
11:00 AM #24 Texas Tech at West Virginia ESPNU
11:00 AM Florida State at Duke ESPN2
11:00 AM Rutgers at Illinois Big Ten Network
11:00 AM Eastern Michigan at Army CBS Sports Network
11:00 AM BYU at Mississippi State SEC Network
11:00 AM South Carolina at Tennessee ESPN
11:00 AM Connecticut at Temple ESPN News
2:30 PM Purdue at #7 Wisconsin Big Ten Network
2:30 PM #10 Auburn at LSU CBS
2:30 PM Georgia Tech at #11 Miami ABC
2:30 PM #12 Oklahoma vs Texas ESPN
2:30 PM Baylor at #14 Oklahoma State FS1
2:30 PM Northwestern at Maryland ESPN2
2:30 PM Vanderbilt at Mississippi SEC Network
2:30 PM Akron at Western Michigan CBS Sports Network
2:45 PM #25 Navy at Memphis ESPNU
3:00 PM Houston at Tulsa ESPN News
6:00 PM East Carolina at #22 UCF CBS Sports Network
6:00 PM Texas A&M at Florida ESPN2
6:15 PM Arkansas at #1 Alabama ESPN
6:30 PM Missouri at #4 Georgia SEC Network
6:30 PM #9 Ohio State at Nebraska FS1
6:30 PM Cincinnati at #18 South Florida ESPNU
7:00 PM Utah at #13 USC ABC
7:00 PM #21 Michigan State at Minnesota Big Ten Network
9:15 PM Nevada at Colorado State ESPN2
9:30 PM Boise State at #19 San Diego State CBS Sports Network
9:45 PM #5 Washington at Arizona State ESPN