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Frank Kaminsky Should Probably Delete His Twitter Account

Speaking of soft....

Charlotte Hornets v Detroit Pistons
Dear universe: you are the best. Kisses, AE.
Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

On Tuesday night, Class of 2018 top 50 prospect Tyler Herro elected to retract his commitment to Wisconsin Badgers and re-enter the recruiting process. This was met by incredibly stupid criticism from all different directions, but the criticism did not get stupider than that which came from Charlotte Hornets center and former Badger Frank Kaminsky.

Here’s a screencap, because he got shamed into deleting it.

Frank Kaminsky is a dork Screencap

Imagine sitting on the verge of starting your third season in the NBA and still finding time to take cheap shots at 17 year old high school players who decided that they didn’t want to attend the college that you did.

Because that’s what happened.

Hey, speaking of Frank starting his third NBA season, the Hornets played their first game of the season on Wednesday night, about 24 hours after Frank was lipping off about Herro. How’d that go?

Hornets/Pistons score Screenshot

Oh no!

Well, I’m sure that Frank had a good game, because it would look REALLY REALLY BAD if he called a 17 year old kid soft and then turned around and stunk out the joint the next night. Screenshot

Oh no!

Say it ain’t so, Frank! 24 hours after taking cheap shots at a 17 year old, you went ONE FOR NINE from the field, including missing ALL FIVE of your three-point attempts? 4/4/2 on the night in 23 minutes, and a -6? Oh, man, Frank, that’s really bad.

You might even say that’s a down-pillow-soft level performance from someone who got paid $34,000 to stink that badly.

Look, I’m not telling Frank Kaminsky what to do with his life. But I am saying that if he can’t keep his trap shut when 17 year old kids pick against Wisconsin without being an embarrassment to the game of basketball the very next night, it’s probably time to delete the ol’ Twitter account just to keep himself out of trouble in the future.

Let’s face it: There’s going to be a lot more players shunning Wisconsin on a regular basis going forward. I’m not even talking about the fact that the top prospects in the state usually don’t matriculate in Madison (which is true), I just mean that a vast majority of players go somewhere else that’s not Wisconsin. Best to just avoid the temptation to be a dum-dum in the future.

Hey, Charlotte was playing the Pistons in that game. Do we know anyone who plays for the Pistons?? Screenshot

13/4/1 on 5-for-10 shooting, including 2-of-4 from downtown in just 16 minutes? +/- of 4? NICE. Way to go, Henry Ellenson.

(h/t to our old friend Admiral Ackbar, S.J. for pointing out the stats)