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Some Things To Remember About Quentin Grimes And His Official Visit To Marquette

Just try to keep it together over the weekend, everybody....

Ohio State v Marquette Photo by Jeffrey Phelps/Getty Images

Class of 2018 top 25 prospect Quentin Grimes is scheduled to take an official visit to Marquette beginning today. Based on his tweet from earlier in the week, there’s no reason to believe that’s not proceeding as planned.

Here’s a thing or two or three to remember about his visit.

Number 1 - It’s fine if/when Quentin Grimes does not verbally commit to Marquette this weekend.

Yes, Marquette is the fourth and final visit on Grimes’ schedule. Yes, Grimes says that he’s down to Marquette, Texas Longhorns, Kentucky Wildcats, and Kansas Jayhawks. Yes, Grimes can commit whenever he wants, and yes, the fall signing period is coming up starting on November 8th.

Grimes also indicated recently that he’s not planning on signing in the fall and may end up waiting until the spring to make a commitment. With national powerhouses full of potential NBA lottery picks like Kentucky and Kansas in his final four, it’s in Grimes’ best interest to wait to see how rosters are shaking out in the spring before he makes a decision.

Number 2 - It’s fine if/when Quentin Grimes ends up going somewhere that’s not Marquette.

Grimes is currently ranked #16 in the country according to the 247 Sports Composite system. He can go pretty much anywhere he wants and will probably be pretty successful wherever he ends up. If he elects to attend Kansas or Kentucky, he’ll probably be competing for a national championship in March of 2019. That’s a hard option to turn down, y’know?

Sure, Grimes could be the difference for Marquette between contending for a Big East title and being the favorite to win a Big East title in 2018-19. If the allure of playing for a blue blood program is too much for him to ignore, I can’t fault him.

Number 3 - For the love of Al McGuire, do not tweet at Quentin Grimes.

We’ve all seen up close exactly what happens when crazy people react to the activities and decisions of a high school student. Don’t be that guy. Which guy? THAT GUY. Beyond the fact that it is still actually an NCAA violation to holler at recruits on social media, it’s weird! Why would you feel the need to talk to teenagers that you don’t know on the internet? Why would you holler at high school students to try to influence their college decision? Would you have wanted that during your senior year? No one does! Let the kid make his decision in peace, especially since Grimes appears to be in no hurry to make that decision.