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Your College Football Saturday Viewing Guide: October 28, 2017


NCAA Football: Illinois at Wisconsin
Jeff George, Jr., is the Illinois QB. This has been your “YOU ARE OLD” update for today.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know about you guys, but it seems like today is going to have the possibility to determine a lot of things about the rest of the college football season.

The first edition of the playoff rankings is coming out on Tuesday. In the very final game before that happens, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #8 in the Associated Press top 25 are all playing on the road. On top of that, #2 Penn State is visiting #6 Ohio State, and I dunno, that seems like that could have a lot of impact on who starts off the playoff rankings in one of the four semifinal spots.

Now, sure, three of the other tippy top ranked teams on the road are playing unranked teams (shoutout to TCU visiting #25 Iowa State), and sure, they’re largely speaking all big favorites. Stupider things have happened, though, and given that college football is a pretty stupid sport in the first place, that certainly primes the pump for all kinds of insanity today.

The underrated game of the day? NC State in South Bend to play Notre Dame. Both teams are ranked in the top 15 of the AP poll, and there is that bit about noted Louisville guy Mark Ennis saying he’ll eat a live animal if the Wolfpack make the playoff. WELLLLLLLL NC State is #14 in the country, and beating #9 Notre Dame would sure do them an awful lot of good towards making the playoff, now wouldn’t it?

Alrighty, enough of that. Here’s your schedule of events for the day....

College Football Saturday Viewing Guide: 10/28/17

Time (CT) Game TV Network
Time (CT) Game TV Network
10:30 AM Buffalo at Akron CBS Sports Network
11:00 AM #5 Wisconsin at Illinois ESPN
11:00 AM #8 Miami at North Carolina ESPN2
11:00 AM #11 Oklahoma State at #22 West Virginia ABC
11:00 AM Rutgers at Michigan Big Ten Network
11:00 AM Arkansas at Mississippi SEC Network
11:00 AM Texas at Baylor ESPNU
2:00 PM Kansas State at Kansas FS1
2:00 PM Air Force at Colorado State CBS Sports Network
2:30 PM #2 Penn State at #6 Ohio State Fox
2:30 PM #3 Georgia at Florida CBS
2:30 PM #4 TCU at #25 Iowa State ABC
2:30 PM #14 NC State at #9 Notre Dame NBC
2:30 PM UCLA at #12 Washington ESPN2
2:30 PM #16 Michigan State at Northwestern ESPN
2:30 PM Indiana at Maryland Big Ten Network
2:45 PM Houston at #17 South Florida ESPNU
3:00 PM Vanderbilt at South Carolina SEC Network
5:30 PM Missouri at Connecticut CBS Sports Network
5:30 PM Minnesota at Iowa FS1
6:15 PM Mississippi State at Texas A&M ESPN
6:30 PM New Mexico at Wyoming ESPNU
6:30 PM Tennessee at Kentucky SEC Network
6:30 PM Nebraska at Purdue Big Ten Network
7:00 PM Georgia Tech at #7 Clemson ABC
7:00 PM Texas Tech at #10 Oklahoma ESPN2
9:00 PM Boise State at Utah State CBS Sports Network
9:45 PM #21 USC at Arizona State ESPN
10:15 PM San Diego State at Hawaii ESPN2