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Marquette Men’s Soccer Died A Death Vs Wisconsin

Allowing three goals in 28 minutes = bad. Allowing three goals on three shots in 28 minutes = ermahgerd

Marquette men’s soccer

Hey, remember all that goodwill we had about Marquette men’s soccer following their feisty performance against #14 Georgetown?

Yeah, well, that kind of went out the door on Wednesday night when Wisconsin scored in the 5th, 21st, and 28th minutes on their way to a 3-0 win over the Golden Eagles. Marquette is now 1-8-1 on the season.


Look, this game sucked for larger reasons than just the 3-0 shutout. There were 13 total shots. That is an intolerably low level of shots. It’s not like this was a foul-tastic game like the UWM contest, either. Eight fouls the whole game combined. Just a whole bunch of nothing happening for wide stretches. Wisconsin took five shots. They scored on their first three shots of the game, so you can’t really blame them for parking the bus and entrenching it with sandbags for the final hour of the game.

I’m not even close to upset that I didn’t actually watch it thanks to BTNPlus charging $10 for a month of Wisconsin video access. It just sounds like creeping death to watch.

Uggggggggggggh, I can’t even

Want to hear something really bad? Luis Barraza came on in relief of Noah Heim after 48 minutes. No, I’m not really sure why Heim got sent back out for three minutes of the second half. I’m not saying that head coach Louis Bennett should have benched him at the half, but if you’re going to pull him that quickly after the break, why not make the switch at the break. Anyway, that’s not even the real problem here. The real problem is that Bennett thought the best move was to give Heim the start over Barraza in the first place, which means we’re right back to where we were the last two seasons: Luis Barraza unable to sieze the goalkeeper job clearly and definitively.

This is so depressing that I can’t even grouse about how much I hate losing to Wisconsin in anything. Where’s the schedule, what’s next?

Up Next: Providence comes to town on Saturday afternoon. The Friars are 2-7-1 on the season but somehow actually worse off than Marquette. They’re 0-2-1 in Big East action thus far, which is really bad when you consider that PC was the clear pick to win the league back in August. They’re winless in their last six, including a 4-1 shelling by Xavier.