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Your Thanksgiving 2017 College Basketball Viewing Guide


NCAA Basketball: Champions Classic-Duke vs Michigan State
Duke is ranked #1 and they’re playing today.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time to end the NFL’s tyranny on Thanksgiving.

Why should you resign yourself to watching three straight craptacular games of football when you can inject the fun and joy that is college basketball straight into your veins all day long? You know that once Uncle Dave gets into his second brandy old fashioned that he’s going to want to talk about the NFL players kneeling for the anthem and hooooooboy that is going to lead nowhere good for anyone, especially with dinner not for another four hours.

Skip the bad football, skip the bad half-drunk taeks, and watch the metric pants-load of college hoops on TV instead! What’s not to like?? We start the day off at 10:30am with a game in the Advocare Invitational at Walt Disney World, and Tennessee/Villanova starts an hour after that. Starting at 1pm, you don’t have to wait longer than an hour for a new game to start, and that runs ALL THE WAY UNTIL MIDNIGHT. And that’s just the games on normal ESPN or FS1 broadcast channels! There’s even more games that are streaming, including #2 Arizona vs SMU, which got shunted to WatchESPN because both teams lost their first round game in Battle 4 Atlantis.

By the way: There are SIX Big East teams in action today, so you can keep yourself busy all day long just keeping track of how Marquette’s conference friends are helping the league out with non-conference wins.

There’s so much great basketball to watch! You should enjoy it. Possibly with extra helpings of pie.

Here’s the lineup for today!

Thanksgiving 2017 Viewing Guide

Time (CT) Game TV Network
Time (CT) Game TV Network
10:30 AM Missouri vs Long Beach State ESPN2
11:30 AM Tennessee vs #5 Villanova ESPN
1:00 PM St. John's vs Oregon State ESPNU
1:30 PM Portland vs #9 North Carolina ESPN
2:00 PM NC State vs Northern Iowa ESPN2
3:00 PM #21 Saint Mary's vs Harvard ESPN News
3:00 PM Virginia vs Vanderbilt ESPNU
3:30 PM Portland State vs #1 Duke ESPN
4:00 PM #15 Xavier vs George Washington FS1
4:00 PM Arkansas vs Oklahoma ESPN2
5:00 PM Rhode Island vs #20 Seton Hall ESPNU
6:00 PM Butler vs Texas ESPN2
6:30 PM Kansas State vs Arizona State FS1
7:30 PM #23 West Virginia vs Marist ESPN News
8:00 PM Connecticut vs Oregon ESPNU
9:00 PM #7 Florida vs Stanford ESPN2
9:30 PM Georgia vs Cal State Fullerton ESPN News
10:30 PM #4 Michigan State vs DePaul ESPN
11:00 PM Ohio State vs #17 Gonzaga ESPN2
Midnight San Diego State vs Sacramento State ESPNU