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Get To Know A Marquette Basketball Opponent: American University Eagles

Let’s get Patriotic

American Eagles v Wisconsin Badgers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Name: The American University

Location: Washington, D.C. ... Makes sense.

Founded: 1892, by an act of Congress and signed into law by President Benjamin Harrison. However, they didn’t actually start holding classes until 1914, and AU didn’t offer an undergraduate degree program until 1925.

Enrollment: 13,200 (7,909 undergraduates and 5,291 Postgraduates)

School Colors: American Red and Blue...of course.

Conference: Patriot League...shocker!

Nickname: Eagles

Why “Eagles”?: Well, the bald eagle is the national emblem of the United States of America. Sometimes you don’t have to overthink these things.

Say it with me: Ok, so American Eagles, right? I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the first thing I thought of when I said this in my head was the clothing store. American Eagle Outfitters comprised 75% of my wardrobe from middle school through college. Heck, I even still have a few button down shirts in my closet with the AEO logo on them. My Christmas past used to be guaranteed an American Eagle gift card under the tree . This made for a good excuse to hit up the mall and go into the store which was usually filled with good looking girls. In Christmas present, I now hate going to malls. I went to one a couple of weeks ago, and immediately regretted my decision. You have the kiosk sales guy all up in your grill trying to sell you some type of product that you have absolutely no use for. You have the family circus full of crying children, which will make you think twice about having children of your own. You have the person who thinks everyone in the store wants to hear their entire phone conversation. This person is the worst mall person, or just public person in general. Yes, the person that is having a personal conversation on their bluetooth or speaker phone while aimlessly walking around. You are annoying. My Christmas future will not ever be mall shopping again. Merry Christmas, folks!

Mascot: Clawed Z. Eagle, as seen above. Say it out loud! Claude The Eagle, except with a horrible French accent. I love when schools try to give their mascot a play on words name with the middle initial. I usually have a hot take on mascots, but I can’t argue with this one. A red, white, and blue eagle is as American as it see what I did there?

In-Game Experience Suggestion: I admittedly have never been to an American University home basketball game.. In fact, I’ve actually never even been to Washington D.C. So, there is the possibility that they are already doing this at AU home games, but I doubt it. Bender Arena in-game operations people, listen up:

The team should enter the court to the song “Real American”. Yes, Hulk Hogan’s entrance song. If this song doesn’t get your juices flowing, well, you are not a real american. This song is good for at least one extra home win per year...thank me later.

Side note: During high school basketball games, you will always get the random “USA, USA, USA” chant from the student section. Wacky high school dudes, you are playing the team that lives in the same city as Wisconsin or whatever state you happen to be in, which is in America. Stop being weird. However, I think we can give American University the right to use this chant whenever they want at home games. It just feels right.

Campus Drama: Well, not quite ON campus drama, as Bethesda is technically four miles from American’s campus. In any case, check out this nonsense.

Trashbags on the windows?? THE AIR IN THE HOUSE HAD A 0.1 ALCOHOL VOLUME?? Anyway, this is an average of 21 counts per party host (I suspect that it’s the exact same 21 counts for all six guys), and an average potential fine total of $52,500. FIFTY-TWO THOUSAND! Odds are they never pay anything close to that.

Notable Alumni: We have some good ones here. Judith Sheindlin, better known as the multi-millionaire TV judge, Judge Judy; Academy Award winning actress Goldie Hawn; Fox News commentator Neil Cavuto; sports broadcaster, journalist, and Tony Kornheiser Show regular David Aldridge; MBA grad Matthew Lesko, who earned his undergraduate degree from Marquette; former NBA player Kermit Washington; TV personality Star Jones; Jordan Belfort, the subject of The Wolf of Wall Street; American screenwriter Barry Levinson; sports agent James “Bus” Cook; John Dean, White House Counsel to President Richard Nixon; acoustic guitarist John Fahey; authors Ann Beattie and Max Brooks; filmmaker Nancy Meyers; YouTube “personality” Jack Douglass; US Senator Robert Byrd (hey, that’s a timely reference); Congresswoman Connie Morella; Meet The Press moderator David Gregory; Mark Murphy, president & CEO of the Green Bay Packers; former White House Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri; Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington, D.C.; Prime Minister of Grenada Keith Mitchell (not the drummer from Mazzy Star); Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales; and Bahraini Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

Last Season: 8-22, with a 5-13 record in the Patriot League.

Final 2016-2017 KenPom Ranking: #301

This Season: 3-7. They recently lost to common Marquette opponent, The Mount, 59-56.

Current KenPom Ranking: #301 ... that is consistency.

Players To Watch:

Sa’eed Nelson, 19.0 ppg, 5.0 rpg, 4.1 apg, 1.5 spg

Larry Motuzis, 18.8 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 1.6 spg

Cheikh Diallo, 6.7 ppg (I put him on here because I had to do a double take when I saw his name on the roster. It is almost identical to former Kansas star and current New Orleans Pelican, Cheick Diallo. I cannot find a relation between the two besides their almost identical names.)

Head Coach: Mike Brennan, in his 5th season. He has a current record of 60-77.

Quick Scouting Report: Marquette has allowed some lesser competition to hang around in games longer than they should this year. A trend that I have noticed in those games is a skilled opposing guard knocking down shots to keep his team in the game. Eastern Illinois guard Jajuan Starks’ 27 points pushed Marquette to overtime. Chicago State’s Fred Sims Jr. had 20 points to keep his team close in the first half. Recently, Northern Illinois guard, Eugene German put up 26 points to keep his team in the game throughout. The key to prevent American from sticking around in this game is going to be shutting down their high scoring back court duo of Nelson and Motuzis.

All Time Series: Marquette leads, 1-0. The first meeting was a 90-74 victory for MU back in December of 1992. In fact, that game was at the Bradley Center on December 19th, so Thursday’s game is ALMOST exactly 25 years later.

(h/t to @mpsever for the party arrest tip)