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Marquette Basketball: Andrew Rowsey Appears To Be Fine After An Injury Scare

No reason to hyperventilate, everyone!

Marquette v Wichita State Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

At the 6:46 mark of the second half against Northern Illinois on Monday night, Marquette guard Andrew Rowsey pulled down a defensive rebound, and, well, this happened.

Rowsey stayed down on the court for a while, and after being tended to by the Marquette athletic training staff, he got up and walked off to the locker room area under his own power. Given the multiple possible injuries that could have occurred here (ankle? knee? bone?), it was a good sign that he walked off on his own and also a good sign that he was back on the bench in relatively short order with no immediately visible braces or devices helping him.

He also didn’t return to the game after that, and head coach Steve Wojciechowski said after the game that further testing would have to be done in order to make sure everything was okay.

Well, it seems that everything is okay.

On Wednesday morning, Marquette announced that Rowsey was expected to participate in practice later in the day.

It goes without saying that if Rowsey had suffered a major injury, he wouldn’t be able to practice. If it were a minor injury that wouldn’t stop him from playing on Thursday against American, it’s still possible that Rowsey wouldn’t practice on Wednesday to give him an extra day to heal up, and that goes for a minor injury that wouldn’t keep him out of next week’s Big East opener against Xavier as well.

Instead, for the moment, Rowsey is planning on being a full participant in practice.

It is still possible that this practice is being used as a test scenario to see if Rowsey is as healthy as the trainers evaluate him to be at this point. His availability for practice still doesn’t preclude him from being held out of Thursday’s game if Rowsey, the trainers, and Wojo come to the decision that it’s still better for him long term to sit out.

For now, then, we wait to see how the Virginia native feels after practice....