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The Inquisition: On All Things Georgetown With Casual Hoya

We go straight to the source to learn about the Hoyas.

Inquisition Georgetown

As is always the case before Marquette plays Georgetown, we traded questions with our good friends/mortal enemies over at Casual Hoya, the SB Nation site devoted to everything Georgetown related and/or lunch documentation.

Here you’ll find CH’s Roey Hadar’s answers to our questions about Georgetown, life, the universe and everything, while you can head over to their site to catch our answers to Roey’s questions.

Our questions are in bold, while the answers are in.... not.... bold. There has to be an actual word for that. Onward!

1) Hello! Good to see you guys again. How are things going after Wednesday night's horrifying collapse against Butler, where Georgetown led by 20 with 22 minutes left but lost in double overtime?

Things are going... surprisingly not bad. It certainly isn't great to watch your team blow a 20-point lead, but expectations were generally pretty low for this team, so it's a little bit easier to swallow. Other than that, though, it's been fun to watch the Hoyas power through one of the easiest out-of-conference schedules in modern college basketball history.

2) What has been the biggest change that you can tell so far between Patrick Ewing coaching the Hoyas and John Thompson III's style? Given the Big John influence on both men, is there a difference?

It's been a tale of two seasons so far. When John Thompson III was in charge, the offense would often devolve into endless passing around the arc and a bad outside shot attempt and the defense would consist mostly of fouling. Under Patrick Ewing, this team is so much more aggressive on both ends of the floor. Offensively, this year's Hoyas are unafraid to push the tempo and force their way into the paint, while on the defensive end, they've become better at pressuring without giving up easy fouls. It's definitely clear so far that Ewing is a descendent of the Van Gundy coaching tree. His style looks a lot more NBA-like than JTIII's modified Princeton offense.

3) What is the best kind of M&Ms: Plain, peanut, or peanut butter?

Peanut. The plain ones are great on the first bite, but the taste wears on you quickly. The peanut adds a nice salty balance to the cloying sweetness of the plain M&M. And peanut butter M&M's should be the best, but they just fall short. They need to find a better peanut butter to put inside.

4) Jessie Govan is clearly a wrecking ball inside and outside for Georgetown. Who's the next most important player for the Hoyas?

Govan has been a revelation and it's wonderful to see. I think it's helped him immensely to work with as knowledgeable and talented of a big man as Ewing. Other than him, though, Marcus Derrickson has been a key cog for this team, almost to the extent Govan has. Derrickson can often be the main source of offense for the Hoyas, as he averages 14 points and nearly eight rebounds per game. He shoots over 40% from three-point range, too, so watch out for him, since he can create offense from a lot of different spots on the floor.

5) What was the best and/or most impressive and/or most surprising Christmas gift that you received this year?

I got these really comfortable slippers that are really fuzzy and warm. I really didn't have a pair I could wear around the house, so those have been a godsend.

6) But seriously: Y'all aren't really that fired up about this whole "undefeated in regulation" nonsense that I have to keep seeing on the official Casual Hoya Twitters, right?

Hell yeah! Although fans gave the team a lot of flak when they scheduled a bunch of cupcakes and pulled out of the PK80 Invitational, I think the majority of fans have been impressed by this team's performance so far. The fact that this team has taken Syracuse and Butler to overtime instead of getting blown out by double digits has been a pleasant surprise for us. After a pretty moribund last two years of the JTIII era, Hoyas fans are optimistic and happy to show it. This is still a pretty young, hastily-assembled team that's looking to find its stride. It may not necessarily find it this year, but it's not that far from being able to play 40 minutes of good basketball. Once this team can do that, it looks like it'll be pretty good.

7) As a fan of a team located in Washington, D.C., I have to ask: How do you feel about the fact that the Washington Nationals have never won a playoff series? Is D.C. sports in general cursed?

First of all, I should note that, apart from the Hoyas, I am first and foremost a New York sports fan. Nevertheless, the Nationals have grown on me (as have the Wizards) and it just seems like plain bad luck on their part. They have such good teams but their managers and executives always make the wrong move at the wrong time. As for the rest of D.C. sports, I think the fact that none of the four major teams have made even a conference final (or equivalent) in two decades definitely could point to a curse. I personally think it's Dan Snyder's fault and that it will end as soon as the NFL team changes its name.

8) True Or False: It is very fun to say Jamorko Pickett's name out loud.

Very true. Georgetown has a long history of players with names that are fun to say: Dikembe Mutombo, Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje, D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera. Pickett undoubtedly continues that line.

9) Ok, prediction time! Give the nice people a winner for Saturday afternoon, a final score, and what the hell, an X-Factor, too.

I expect a high-scoring game, so I'll say 84-80 Hoyas. Georgetown guard Jagan Mosely plays the role of X-Factor.